Royalties, how to read your statement


  1. “Vendor ID” is your unique identifier with Cedar Fort. Please email any changes to mailing address, phone number, or email address to 
  2. “Royalty ID” is the royalty record for each ProdCode with Cedar Fort. ProdCode is the code that Cedar Fort uses to identify the title of the book. There will be a separate ProdCode for each edition of the title (hardback, paper, e-book, audio book, etc.).
  3. “Units Sold as of” indicates the number of units sold during the earnings period (six months previously). In this example, the royalty being paid out in May, 2020 is for the number of units sold in November, 2019. “Units Sold Life To Date” indicates all units sold including within the last six months. This could be higher or lower depending on the number of returns.
  4. “Total Earned” is the dollar amount of royalties earned during the earnings period.
  5. “Payment Due” is the total earned added to any previously earned royalties.
  6. “Total Payment Due” is the total of all royalty IDs. 
    1. A negative amount indicates returns on the sale of your book. Your title will continue to sell and the future royalties will pay down this amount that was already paid out for the returned books.
    2. Your first royalty check will be sent to you six months after your title(s) are sold. If your book came out in January, your first check would be sent to you July 20. 
    3. You will not receive a check unless the total payment due is more than $50.