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Free Download Valentines Day Cookie Recipes!
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Beginners and Beyond: Step by Step Cookie Creation
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The Promise of Miss Spencer
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I Am My Ancestors
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The Cookie Companion
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Halstead House
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Tell Me Your Story - Memory Sharing Game
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Cookie Couture : A Guide to Cookies Almost Too Pretty To Eat
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Warnings from the Prophet | 2 Nephi 6-10 | Come Follow Me

2 Nephi chapter 9 is so important to study because it focuses on Christ and His Atonement. Jacob quotes from the writings of Isaiah, discusses the ...

Sariah - Matriarch of the Book of Mormon

Sariah is the matriarch of the Book of Mormon. It is not hard to see a connection between her and Sarah, the matriarch of the Old Testament. Not on...

Nephi’s Sisters

There are several different explanations about who these sisters might have been. The first is that Sariah could have given birth to daughters in t...

Journey Toward the Promised Land | Come Follow Me Week #5 | 1 Nephi 16 - 22

The trail, actually a line of ancient hand-dug water wells which necessity dictated they must follow, turned “nearly eastward” near the 15th parall...

Requirements for Revelation | Come Follow Me Week #4 | 1 Nephi Chapter Eleven

1 Nephi 11:1 Pondering: Nephi spoke of the effect of study and meditation. He wanted to know about the things his father had seen, and in order to ...

Insights from the Title Page of the Book of Mormon | Come Follow Me Week #1

The title page, found at the beginning of the Book of Mormon, is a literal translation of Moroni’s last statement, last page, left-hand side of the...

Meet Nephi | Come Follow Me Week #2 | 1 Nephi Chapter One

  As you first meet Nephi, when he introduces himself here in chapter one, you might be like many readers who tend to think of him as probably in h...

Lehi's Dream | Come Follow Me Week #3 | 1 Nephi Chapter Eight

  Lehi’s Dream: Only God Can Make a Tree of Life Just a few chapters into the Book of Mormon, we find ourselves in the middle of an allegory—an ex...

Get More Out of Your “Come, Follow Me” Study - With "the Gospel Made Easier Series"

What if I told you that there was an easy resource that tens of thousands of Latter-day Saints use to simplify and enhance their “Come, Follow Me”...

Emma Smith's Account on Translating the Book of Mormon | D&C 6-9 | Come Follow Me

Lucy Mack Smith once wrote of Emma Smith:   "I have never seen a woman in my life, who would endure every species of fatigue and hardship, from mo...


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Miracles of the Book of Mormon (The B.O.M Series 7 of 7)

It’s easy to find examples of miracles within the pages of the Book of Mormon.  We have the many appearances of angels, including th...

The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon (The B.O.M Series 6 of 7)

While the coming forth of the Book of Mormon is a topic we cover often in the church, there are a few details that don’t get covered ...

Book of Mormon Villains - and What We Can Learn From Them. (The B.O.M. Series 5 of 7)

When you hear, (or read in this case,) the names Laman & Lemuel, King Noah, Nehor, Coriantumr, Zeezrom, and Korihor what comes to mind?   Diss...

Proofs of the Book of Mormon (The B.O.M. Series 4 of 7)

When the Lord commanded The Three Witnesses to bear record of the Book of Mormon, they were worried they would not be believed because the people ...

The Book of Mormon and Kids/Teens (The B.O.M. Series 3 of 7)

In the last two posts, we’ve talked about the many blessings of reading from the Book of Mormon daily; an increase in dopamine, a decr...

The Book of Mormon and Personal Revelation (The B.O.M Series Email 2 of 7)

Stories of revelation are commonplace in our world; we hear stories often every Sunday at church, we hear many stories twice a year during Ge...

The Book of Mormon and Science (The B.O.M. Series 1 of 7)

Are you excited to jump into Book of Mormon, Come Follow Me? We are, so to celebrate the upcoming study year, we’ve decided to do something a...

Top 25 Reads Cedar Fort Unlimited App

We're excited to announce our top 2023 reads on the Cedar Fort Unlimited App! Learn More about each book below. Use the code 3-month-trial to try i...

Ask and Receive

The Lord has been quite direct in His instruction to us about how we can receive blessings at His hand. As we mentioned previously, one of the clea...

Cedar Fort Publishing & Media Founder Lyle Mortimer Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award

Lyle Mortimer, founder of Cedar Fort Publishing & Media, joins Michael McLean, Brandon Sanderson, Gladys Knight, Susan Easton Black, Janice Kap...


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