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"I love to read and constantly go on Cedar Fort and many other websites to purchase books. However once they arrive, I find that I never have time to read them. Or when I do have time, I don’t have the actual book on me (like in the waiting room at doctor’s offices, my kids activities, etc.) Cedar Forts app solves that problem. The convenience of the app allows me to have all the books I want right on my phone where I can download and read anytime, anywhere. The app runs smooth and I haven’t experienced glitches. Thanks Cedar Fort!" -jenrenwen16

"I love how easy it is to navigate through the app. When it first opens, suggestions are shown that peeked my interest and were relevant to the topics I can feel good about reading to/around my children. It was easy to type in the search bar and find what I was looking for." -SoCalGirlinJapan  

"Thank you for the invitation to download the app. I love the user-friendly interface and as an individual that prefers audiobooks (due to time constraints) I love how easy it is to pick a book and listen. As the app is still new for me, I will play with it a little more, but I wouldn't be surprised if I choose to subscribe. I've used other apps in the past, and so far, yours seems much more easy to use and convenient.Thanks for your amazing work!"