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Women Read Scripture is the first Latter-day Saint Come Follow Me Podcast that focuses on the power of the scriptures and the Gospel and is taught by daughters of God. With powerful insights and years of experience to pull from, hosts Marianna and Dru pull you into the world of the Savior and His teachings, uplifting you on a weekly basis.
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Meet the Hosts

Marianna Richardson: a mother of twelve children and wife to her wonderful husband, Steve. Steve and Marianna were mission leaders in the Brazil Sao Paulo South Mission. They are both professors at BYU. Marianna teaches at the Marriott School of Business and is the communications director for G20 Interfaith Forum. She loves the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and especially loves discussing and studying the gospel with her friends.
Dru Huffaker: a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is passionate about her love of Jesus Christ and the restored gospel.  She is married to her best friend, Mel, is the mother of six beautiful children, and is known as Honey to her 17 grandchildren.  She is the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Cedar Fort Publishing, the largest independent LDS publisher.  One of her greatest joys is teaching institute at BYU to a large all-freshman class of eager young adults who are preparing to serve missions.  She is an avid family history buff and loves spending time with her family and close friends.



El podcast "Perspectivas de las Escrituras" está diseñado para ayudar a sus oyentes con su estudio de Ven, Sígueme. Cada semana, discutimos temas de la lección. Nos centramos en la forma en que nuestros presentadores y invitados aplican los principios del Evangelio de la lección en su vida. 

Nuestros invitados son personas de una amplia gama de orígenes—miembros, líderes, y académicos. Queremos que nuestros oyentes escuchen las perspectivas del Evangelio de diferentes personas. Sus pensamientos y experiencias permitirán a los oyentes entender cómo aprendieron y aplicaron los principios de la lección en sus vidas. Esperamos que estos análisis ayuden a nuestros oyentes a aprender y aplicar los principios del Evangelio en sus propia vidas. Lo más importante es que testificamos de Jesucristo para ayudar a los oyentes a fortalecer su testimonio de nuestro Salvador y Redentor.
Perspectivas de las Escrituras también está disponible en Spotify

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Hosted by Richard Bernard, Everyday Saints features best-selling authors sharing their expertise on gospel topics, scripture, and life lessons that can apply to each of us.
Every Day Saints is also available on Spotify!

Meet the Host

Richard Bernard: The author of Digital Scripture Study for The Busy Latter-day Saint, has taught classes on using the Gospel Library for BYU Education Week and has been a guest speaker worldwide. He taught three classes on journaling at RootsTech 2021.
He hosts the Busy Latter-day Saint podcast, interviewing church members worldwide about their approach to studying the scriptures.  He and his wife Amy served a two-year mission at the MTC, tutoring missionaries one-on-one on how to study the scriptures.
He was called in April 2021 to serve a mission in the Priesthood and Family Department. The calling includes speaking at Stake and Ward devotionals, family home evenings, youth conferences, Relief Society and Priesthood firesides, and one-on-one instructions on how to study the scriptures and incorporate the Gospel Library in their daily study.