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Come, Follow Me: Made Easier podcast. Featuring Lynda Cherry, Bryan Ready, Casey Griffiths, Lori Denning, Robert Miller, Sam Castor and produced by Valerie Loveless. Weekly scripture study with outstanding LDS teachers from CES, Seminary and BYU
(Formerly known as Behind the Scenes) Author Valerie Loveless brings you in-depth Latter-day Saint conversations on relevant topics and stories.  These are the questions and discussions everyday Latter-day Saints are having!  Brought to you by Cedar Fort Publishing and Media, the largest non-church owned LDS publisher in the market. 
The You Made New Podcast: A Gospel Centered Approach to Food, Health & Body Image
The Hope Addiction:  Welcome to The Hope Addiction! A weekly podcast offering you a lifeline of hope and happiness! Hosted by two women in recovery from addiction, Jessica Butterfield and Kelly Thompson.
Science and Scriptures discusses the overlap of our physical world of science and the spiritual world of the scriptures. With stories, histories, and interviews, we'll discuss how findings in science provide new understandings of the universe and of the Gospel. It is exciting to realize how these two worlds interface - whether you are talking about the Creation, the reasons for our mortal probation, rules of Earth life that God must enforce, or the role of COVID-19 and other dangers. Join us for discussions and interviews to better understand the larger questions of life! It’s a wonderfully complex world. Science and scriptures are provided to help us figure it all out.
Authors Valerie Loveless and Angela Johnson, who also work at a publisher talk about all the things they think you need to know, (in their opinions and experience) to write and publish a book, from that first spark of an idea, to marketing your published book and everything in between. Angela is the gatekeeper to publishing at Cedar Fort Publishing and Media as the Acquisitions Manager and Valerie is the shoulder to cry on and rely on as the Author Marketing Specialist and Media Producer.
The Busy Latter-day Saint
Using the digital scriptures to study for only 5 minutes a day. 
Join Jen & Jess as they talk about parenting teens, finding your people, and practicing resilience. They are the authors of Parenting Teens in Stressful Times. As an adolescent researcher and a clinician with over 40 years of combined professional experience, Jen and Jess weave their personal experiences, spiritual insight, and wisdom into a practical approach to parenting and teaching teens resilience.