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Cedar Fort Publishing & Media has successfully realized our vision after years of dedicated effort. Our logo, a castle on a hill radiating inviting light, symbolizes our mission to spread goodness and hope. With a focus on fortifying families, building and sharing faith, and helping those in need, we offer high-quality content that meets our customers' diverse needs. Click here to read our company vision.

Main Line: 801-489-4084

Bryce Mortimer - Chief Executive Officer
801-489-9366 |
Bryce Mortimer is a visionary leader at the helm of Cedar Fort, possessing a deep involvement in the publishing industry since 2006. In 2015, he took ownership of the company, building upon the foundation established by his father. Bryce's strategic expertise and unwavering dedication drive the company's growth and innovation, ensuring its continued success in a rapidly evolving market. As CEO, he provides transformative leadership, steering Cedar Fort towards new horizons and maintaining its commitment to delivering quality content that captivates readers worldwide.

Sam Oldroyd - Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing
801-477-9035 |
Since joining Cedar Fort in 2018, Sam Oldroyd has played a pivotal role in leading the sales team and enhancing both business-to-business and consumer relations. He manages global accounts with key partners such as Costco, Deseret Book, Ingram, and, including the Cedar Fort Unlimited App. Known for his ability to forge profitable business relationships through strategic sales initiatives, Sam’s efforts have significantly increased brand visibility and established strong industry connections, reinforcing Cedar Fort’s status as a leading publisher.

Kim Clemons - Director of Sourcing
801-477-9029 |
Joining the team in 2018, Kim is a vital asset overseeing purchasing and sourcing operations at Cedar Fort. With expertise in buying books, jewelry, and gifts, she ensures the acquisition of high-quality products. Kim's keen eye for trends and strong industry connections contribute to maintaining a diverse and captivating catalog for Cedar Fort, delighting readers and customers alike.

Jessica Mortimer - Acquisitions Manager
801-477-9030 |
Jessica Mortimer joined Cedar Fort at the beginning of 2024 as the Acquisitions Manager, bringing with her a profound passion for literature. In her role, she meticulously reviews all manuscripts, ensuring that only the most compelling and well-crafted content makes it into Cedar Fort’s publications. An avid reader herself, Jessica has a natural ability to identify promising writing talent and innovative stories that resonate with our audience. For submissions, please visit:

Kyle Lund - Editor in Chief
801-477-9039 |
With a solid foundation built under the guidance of Heather Holm, our former Editor in Chief of 17 years, Kyle seamlessly transitioned into the role of Editor in Chief. After nine months of dedicated training from Heather, he now bears the responsibility of upholding Cedar Fort's editorial standards. Kyle's keen eye for detail and passion for quality content drive the publishing excellence that readers have come to expect from our publications.

Shawnda Craig - Graphic Design Manager
801-477-9027 |
A talented graphics designer, Shawnda has been an integral part of Cedar Fort since 2012. With a wealth of experience, she has played a pivotal role in designing and creating an impressive range of books and products, contributing to the publication of over a thousand books during her tenure. Shawnda's expertise shines through as she brings captivating cover effects to life and diligently improves visual elements, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of our publications.

Tanya Flynn - Chief Financial Officer
801-477-9022 |
Joining Cedar Fort in 2019, Tanya plays a vital role as she oversees accounting, finance, royalties, accounts payable, and accounts receivable operations. With meticulous attention to detail, she ensures financial efficiency and accuracy. Tanya's expertise extends beyond traditional responsibilities as she actively contributes to automating internal processes, driving greater operational effectiveness for the company.

Laurie Hansen - Director of Logistics
801-477-9038 |
As the Director of Logistics, Laurie leads Cedar Fort's efficient distribution center, encompassing seamless fulfillment operations. Her dedicated team handles scheduling and shipping for all business-to-business and business-to-consumer orders. Laurie's exceptional attention to detail ensures the accuracy and high-quality shipping that consistently garners compliments from satisfied customers.

Customer Service - Reception
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