Promo Copies


Authors are given copies according to their contract, and these copies should be used for promotional purposes. If you need additional promotional copies, you can buy them with your author discount by calling the front desk. Alternatively, if you find a specific influencer or outlet that is willing to review and/or promote your book, you can request an additional promotional copy from the marketing department. Remember finding people who will promote your book to their audience is much more effective than simply getting a review on Amazon or the Cedar Fort website. Cedar Fort will put this into consideration when they determine if the influencer will yield sufficient results to warrant the cost. Feel free to reach out to if you have questions.

Access to Content

The marketing department provides access to your content for promotional purposes in both physical and digital format. Digital content ebooks and audiobooks can be requested by contacting the marketing department or the media producer.

Qualifying Sources for Promotional Materials

There are many different types of social media promoters that you can utilize to promote your book. Consider which promoters and influencers will give you the best return on your investment. Do they have a large, engaged following? Will their followers appreciate the content? For example, if your book is about the gospel, it may not be wise to have a fashion influencer promote for you, unless they are adjacent in some way, such as being a well-known LDS influencer who also posts about fashion. If you need help with determining if a promoter is a good fit for your book, please reach out to the Marketing Team.  

Digital PriorityIn all instances where a source qualifies for access to content, digital access is offered first as the default option. This helps lower the cost of the promotion, thereby making it easier to attain a reasonable ROI. Sources that qualify for a physical copy may be invited to request one either through the author or directly from the publisher

  1. Professional Media (newspaper, radio, television, magazine)qualify for digital and physical content. Digital access can be sent in the pitch via the digital media folder link, and physical access is offered upon request, unless submission guidelines clearly require otherwise.
  2. Social Media (blog, podcast, YouTube, website)Reach is demonstrated by audience size indicated by verifiable followers or subscribers. Engagement is determined by an assessment that the host is publishing relevant and timely content consistent with the conventions of the platform they publish that invites a favorable user experience, AND by how much their posts are liked, shared, and commented on by their followers. 
  3. Industry Professionals (schools, libraries, retailers)authors are not responsible to sell their book to industry professionals and should not interfere with the working relationships we have with many of them. However, you will always be a good ambassador for your book and that can include introducing it to industry professionals as a way to designate it from the glut of similar products on the market. Industry professionals qualify for digital access. On some occasions, they can qualify for a physical review of the book, and must request it directly from the publisher by emailing the marketing department. If there is a retailer or contact that you identify that wants to carry your title, we are happy to reach out and set them up as a wholesaler.
  4. Promotional GiveawaysPhysical copies can be approved for giveaway to be shipped in the continental US to either the host or the winners directly. Digital copies can be approved without geographical limitations to be fulfilled through email. Influencers must demonstrate reach and high engagement to qualify for physical access to the book (please contact the marketing team) and be able to successfully run a legal giveaway in a platform that reaches their audience effectively (engagement). A number of copies to give away may be suggested by the parties requesting sponsored content, however the marketing department may adjust that number for approved sources at their discretion, based on review of the host’s platform and projected marketing impact of the giveaway.
  5. Industry Awards and Contestsauthors should identify and submit to be considered with organizations that host awards and recognition relevant to their brand. Required copies for participation or judging can be provided as publisher-sponsored copies, either digital or physical. Authors are responsible for identifying relevant opportunities, submission requirements, and any associated fees. Access to the content required for participation or judging can be requested directly by the event host by email to the marketing department or coordinated by the author with the marketing department.

Contests and Awards link

Requesting Access to Content

Requests for both digital and physical access to content can be emailed to the marketing department by any of the following authorized sources:

[IMPORTANT] All emails must include the name of the title being requested. This is essential to avoid errors when processing a high volume of requests or working with temporary intern employees. Preferred practice: action item emails should be sent separate from other questions and inquiries to expedite efficient processing.

Media and industry professionals may request access to content directly from the marketing department. Authors can include the invitation and contact information for the marketing team in their collaborations with these sources.

Authors requiring digital access may provide it directly to appropriate contacts during pitching or collaboration. Access is shared through Book Funnel. A link will be provided to you. When the receiver uses this link, they can choose which format they want to download the book in.

Authors requiring physical content may request copies on behalf of qualifying hosts that have indicated they would prefer a physical copy. Digital access should always be offered first, with the option for physical content by preference only. REQUESTS MUST CONTAIN

  1. Name of the book being requested.
  2. Name of the recipient, including where they publish if they are media, or who they represent if they are industry professionals. (Links are helpful.)
  3. Audience size (reach) of electronic media (blog, podcasts, YouTube, websites) by referencing social media followers and subscribers.
  4. Identify the nature of the interest (review, feature, product placement).
  5. Provide the mailing address of the recipient (restricted to the continental US only).
  6. Relevant instructions or details required to execute the request efficiently and effectively. For giveaways, it is helpful to summarize any cross promotion or additional reach planned.

Ordering Books—Author/Creator Accounts

Creator accounts are managed by the Cedar Fort front desk receptionists. Questions, concerns, and orders can be directed to them by calling our main office number (801) 489-4084. Please let them know of any changes of addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, or credit card info. This is important for getting royalty information (and checks) to you, so make sure your information is always up-to-date.

  1. Free Author CopiesAs soon as your book arrives from the printer, you will be notified by the front desk. They will create an order for the quantity designated in your contract.
  2. Your free author copies can be picked up from our warehouse (in Springville, Utah), or we will ship them to you free of charge up to twenty dollars ($20 USD). You will need to pay for any shipping overages.
  3. This order can be combined with additional copies at your author discount of 60 percent off retail price.
  4. Standard OrdersYour books can be purchased at your author discount of 60 percent off retail price. You are responsible for shipping charges unless the order is picked up at our warehouse. Author copies purchased at the 60 percent discount do not accrue royalties as stipulated in your contract. COMMENT
  5. Payment is due at the time of purchase. Any good, sale-able returns will receive credit once the return has been approved and the books have arrived at our warehouse for processing.
  6. Applicable sales tax will be applied unless a sales tax exemption ID is provided at the time of order. Remember to have it readily available and to let the receptionist know you have a tax exemption.
  7. Priority is given to our retail partners and may cause temporary back orders for authors.
  8. Online Orders: If you are interested in ordering other products from, use code CEDARFORTAUTHOR to save 15 percent.

Important Note

  1. Event orders may require up to 6 weeks advance notice to ensure inventory availability. Priority is given to our retail partners and may cause temporary back-orders for authors.
  2. Return Provision for event orders onlyGood, sale-able inventory may be returned to the Cedar Fort warehouse within 30 days from the shipment date for a full refund.
  3. Return shipping is your responsibility.