Branded Merchandise

TeeSpring Shop

Cedar Fort has partnered with to create custom printed products for you and your fans.  The main purpose of this shop is to facilitate  your marketing efforts. A T-shirt can be used as a way to market yourself and your book as you walk around in your daily life or as a part of a giveaway.  Because Cedar Fort has the rights to your content, anything with the name of your book or content that is contained in your book cannot be sold without permission from Cedar Fort. So to make it easier for you to create and sell swag for your brand, we have a shop that you can utilize. Designs must be submitted to Cedar Fort for approval and to be added to the shop.  You will need to provide any additional or custom graphics for the shirt. Once your book cover is finalized, you can request to have a shirt or some other promo item added to the Cedar Fort TeeSpring Shop. The wonderful thing about TeeSpring is that your fans can order any size or color they want without a sizable investment in inventory.  

To Request a TeeSpring Product: