Marketing Resources: Access to our Social Media


To assist our authors in marketing efforts, and engage your readers, we use live Facebook and Instagram videos each week that give you an opportunity to get in front of our many Facebook page followers. To participate, contact to be added to the schedule.  

Prepare a monologue-style presentation that will last between fifteen to twenty minutes. Plug your book only after you have provided great content for the watchers. We have a variety of subjects, so you will have to be creative in coming up with what your presentation will be, and the marketing team can help you. We will create a teaser post the day before the live video will take place that you can share with your followers. Encouraging your followers, friends, and family to drop by during the live video and make comments helps with the ranking of the video. When you are done with the live video, the work has not ended. Share the video with as many relevant groups as possible, and comment and like every single remark on the video over the next two days. Here is a checklist of what to be prepared to share:

  • Ask the viewers to answer a question to increase engagement, such as “Where are you from?” and “What is your favorite easy weekday recipe?” 
  • Your unique message and story that is engaging and entertaining.
  • What your source of authority is, which, in this case, is your book.  
  • Where people can find you: Instagram handle, website, twitter handle, and so on