Marketing Resources: Podcast



Cedar Fort uses the Behind the Scenes podcast for marketing and bonus content on our audiobooks and website, Participating in our Podcast is a great way to produce content to share with family and friends. We are working to grow its audience and look forward to seeing it better connect you with potential readers. 

What to prepare for  

The podcast is a dynamic, conversation style show. The host is flexible and will be able to adjust to your conversation style and needs.

For nonfiction, teach the host your topic. Share background, tell stories, and be engaging and ready to volunteer information. Try not to shorten your answers, but be descriptive. It is also helpful if you allow the host to have opportunities to respond to your comments and ask more questions in a conversational way. Many guests like to have a copy of their book on hand for easy reference during the recording. The podcast flows well if you are ready to teach the host about your book and answer questions both personal and relevant to the book. Volunteer fun stories and anecdotes. Have fun and be relaxed and engaging.  

For fiction, describing your writing techniques and storyline can be extremely boring for most listeners. Instead, talk about where your ideas came from and what makes you an interesting person. Engage the host in questions of your own. Bring up topics that relate to themes in your book. Have fun, be relaxed, and, if possible, talk about interesting topics that relate to your book. 

The podcast is not live and can be edited, so relax and enjoy a fun conversation with the host. 

Contact to participate in the podcast