Pillar of Light

Pillar of Light (Comic Book)

by Andrew G. Knaupp (Author), Sal Velluto (Illustrator)



Pillar of Light is a graphic novel about on Joseph Smith’s First Vision. Created by veteran comic book artist Sal Velluto and Andrew Knaupp, this unique telling of the story that will reach people young and old in a new and profound way. Joseph Smith Jr. authored four accounts of his “First Vision” during his lifetime. Critics have claimed that the differences between the accounts amount to contradictions and are evidence he fabricated the story. 


The narration found in this book incorporates elements from all the accounts given by the Prophet, as well as accounts recorded by those who heard him firsthand. The result is a rich, consistent and synergistic narrative. PILLAR OF LIGHT has been carefully researched and includes details not previously shown in films and art, as well as accurate historical depictions, beautiful symbolism, and creative representations. It is inspiring to people of all ages and helps to build testimonies of the Prophet Joseph Smith and his divine mission.