Why You Should Use Cedar Fort to Publish Your Book in 2022

Why You Should Use Cedar Fort to Publish Your Book in 2022




Do you have a non-fiction manuscript that you are wanting to turn into a real book that can be found in bookstores around the country? Do you want to work with a team of professional designers, editors, and marketers? Do you believe that it is important to spread light in a dark world? If this is you, than you might want to consider Cedar Fort Publishing and Media as a place to house your book. 


We are an established publisher with over 35 years experience.  We partner collaboratively with content creators to publish wholesome materials that entertain, uplift, and enrich individuals to strengthen families and community.  


Our professional editors work in partnership to develop a creator’s work while maintaining their voice and style. Our cover designers are renowned as some of the best in the market.  We work with first-time and already published authors. 


Each year we publish over 100 books and produce over 200 gift products. Our books are available nationally through major distribution companies including Ingram Content Group, Baker & Taylor, and ReaderLink as well as through major retail corporations like Deseret Book, Seagull Book, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sam’s Club, and Indigo in Canada. Cedar Fort is active in selling foreign language rights, and we attend the Frankfurt Book Fair every year to present our frontlist titles internationally. 


Cedar Fort’s merchandising department, Pioneer Plus, receives ideas for a wide variety of games, jewelry, stationery, home decor, and gift items that align with our company values. 


Are you ready to publish your book? Do you have any ideas that you think the world needs to know of and want to see your book come to life? Then click on the link below and submit us your manuscript so that we can help begin your journey as an author!