What's New from Cedar Fort Publishing in June 2023?

New Release Giveaway

This week Cedar Fort Publishing & Media published 5 new books for Latter-day Saints. Email support@cedarfort.com and let us know which one you are most interested in. We're giving away multiple copies of each book!


Exclude Not Thyself

Written by Skyler Sorensen

Exclude Not Thyself will remove any doubt you might have as to whether a gay Latter-day Saint can remain a faithful member of the Lord's Church. It walks you through the valuable lessons learned by the author on how to use life's trials to your advantage and remove the self-inflicted barriers to receiving "all that the Father hath."

Exclude Not Thyself



America's Destiny: Choosing God's Will or Ours (A Historical & Latter-day Saint Perspective)

Written by Tad R. Callister

America's Destiny asks the question that should be on all of our minds, "What is the greatest challenge facing our nation today and how should we confront it in a way that pleases God?" The economy, national security, immigration, gun control, poverty, racism, crime, national pandemics, climate change? While each of these is a valid concern and deserves attention, none of them strikes at the heart of our greatest challenge, namely, finding a way to build stronger homes and bring about a return to family, God, and moral values. To put our prime focus on challenges other than these is to strike at the leaves, not the root of the problem.


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You Will Be Found: How Heavenly Father Knows You and Answers Your Prayers Individually


In this inspiring book, Latter-day Saint educator and TEDx speaker Michelle Porcelli emphasizes that Heavenly Father does answer our prayers-each and every one. 

The true stories in this book testify of God and His son, Jesus Christ, and stand as a witness that you are not forgotten. You will be found!

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True Versus Truth: Finding the Secret to Latter-day Myths

Written by Ronald E. Bartholomew

What is the difference between something being true and something being an eternal truth?

This question has led many faithful members of the Church to be deceived by the semblances of the world into denying the truths that transcend our mortal experiences. 

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Breaking Free from the Shame of Addiction

Written by Amanda Harms.

The cage of shame prevents millions of lives from achieving their full spiritual potential. The shame that stems from addiction can lead you into feeling unworthy of love or support. Attempting to cope with that lack of connection often propels you back to your addiction, which deepens the feelings of shame and accelerates the spiral. It's time to break that cycle! 

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