President Russell M. Nelson Gives THREE Invitations to Latter-day Saints

In a devotional speech from February 27th, President Russell M. Nelson offered Church members three invitations to help them "gain the elevating influence that God is counting on them to have."


1) Seek truth with more energy and devotion than you ever have.

“Over time, our research revealed important truths, one of them being that we could touch the heart without harming it,” President Nelson said. “Later, we learned that if we altered the normal sodium/potassium ratio in blood that nourished the heart, the heart would stop beating. Then, when we wanted the heart to start beating again, we simply restored the blood’s sodium/potassium ratio back to normal. It worked! It worked every time!”

This and God’s other laws, the prophet said, are great gifts. “When you and I live in accord with God’s laws, we will be safe as we progress along God’s covenant path toward our heavenly home,” he said.


2) Make and keep covenants with God to increase one's power and spiritual discernment

“In the temple, we are endowed with God’s power,” he said. “With these new temples, more of you will be able to attend the temple regularly and learn better how to draw upon that power through sacred priesthood covenants. Your increased temple worship and service, along with your corresponding family history research, will enhance your connection with heaven.”


3) Help gather Israel

“Many of your friends are seeking to understand why they are here on earth,” he said. “They want to know if life has any meaning. They want to make a difference in the world but they don’t know who they can trust. Do you realize that you have the answers your friends are seeking? … This gathering is all about giving every human soul the chance to hear and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is all about saving souls.”