Cookie Couture Design Time!

Enjoy some Summer Cookie Fun with These Cookie Couture Ideas:

From: Cookie Couture: A Guide to Cookies Almost Too Pretty To Eat

By: Corianne Frosese


Bring the brightness and fun of summer to life with your cookies! I’m usually from the camp of ‘more is more’, but the simplest of details can be all that’s needed to bring a cookie set to life. Some basic piping and edible marker lines add definition while letting the colors really stand out!

Keep in mind when coloring your icing that both deep and bright colors will develop further after they are mixed. Even just an hour can make a big difference so plan to make these in advance when you can. Build your colors up when mixing so that you only use the amount of coloring needed and not oversaturate it which can cause colors to bleed together or potentially have an unpleasant taste.