5 Books to Help You Meet Your New Year’s Resolutions

We all know that a goal not written is merely a wish, but what about a goal not … read? Here are five books (and one decoration) that will help you meet your [written!] goals for the new year!

If your goal is to write down your goals and organize your life:

A Wonderful Year of Color

A Wonderful Year of Color: Weekly Planner

by Kinsey Becket

This weekly planner, filled with beautiful illustrations of places around the world, is for all those avid coloring book fans who love to color and doodle while staying organized with to-do lists and daily plans, which are a breeze to follow. Help your busy hands relax and enjoy peace in creativity!

If your goal is to start a new business or become a really amazing boss:

The Courtside CEO

The Courtside CEO: Strategies to Leverage Your Talent and Pursue Your Passion

by Jonathan Bender

At eighteen years old, Jonathan Bender went from a multimillionaire to yesterday’s news when a knee injury ended his straight-out-of-high-school NBA career. But Jonathan didn’t quit. Instead he used his basketball smarts to start a successful new business. With this inspiring, new book you will overcome your biggest stumbling blocks and transform your business and your life.

If your goal is to get a little craftier:

Smart School House Crafts for Kids

Smart School House Crafts for Kids: Year-Round Projects for Holidays, Parties, & More

by Kelly Dixon

Have fun with your kids as you create unique crafty gifts for family, friends, teachers, and neighbors. These adorable and educational crafts are perfect for preschool- and elementary-age kids. Now you can have lots of hands-on fun without a lot of prep time before or a big mess after. With easy step-by-step tutorials, these crafts are sure to entertain your family for hours on end.

If your goal is to read the classics:

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

by Charlotte Brontë

After eight years spent in board for poor girls, the orphan Jane Eyre receives the place of the governess in Thornfield Edward Rochester's ancestral lands. The owner of the estate visits the native land very seldom, and in his absence Jane has to look after the eight-year-old Adèle the pupil of the mysterious aristocrat. And once Rochester comes back. So begins one of the most known romantic stories in the world …

If your goal is to eat MORE sweets (or even just bake them):

One Sweet Year of CupcakesOne Sweet Year of Cupcakes

by Janell Brown

Cupcake expert Janell Brown is back with a new collection of delightfully delicious cupcake recipes.  As a winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, Janell knows how to make the perfect cupcake—and now you will too!

If your goal is to make goals:

Al Carraway Set Goals Wall Tapestry

Everyone needs a reminder sometimes!