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Your Study of the New Testament Made Easier by David J. Ridges

New Testament Made Easier

Noted teacher and gospel scholar David J. Ridges brings the New Testament to life with his well-known teaching skills in this three-volume third edition of The New Testament Made Easier Part 1. This enhanced version now includes hundreds of additional brief notes and commentary, plus many verses from the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible and the full text of the best-selling book Our Savior Jesus Christ.

As with most of the author's other books in the Gospel Study Series, the full text of the scripture is included, and the convenient format makes it easier to see the comparisons between specific verses and their counterparts in the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible.


100 Signs of the Times by David J. Ridges

New Testament Made Easier

We live in the latter days, and the signs of the Second Coming are starting to be fulfilled. Learn which signs have already occurred, which are transpiring now, and which will shortly come to pass in this special deluxe edition featuring full-color illustrations, beautifully designed pages, and new material from bestselling author and master gospel teacher David J. Ridges. Strengthen your testimony and promote your own inner peace, stability, and happiness as you learn about this prophesied era of miracles.


The Book of Revelation Made Easier by David J. Ridges

New Testament Made Easier

 Now you can appreciate the book of Revelation as never before. With brief, easy to understand verse-by-verse notes, renowned educator and seasoned gospel scholar David J. Ridges shares his highly acclaimed approach to teaching the scriptures in this volume of the award-winning Gospel Studies Series, The Book of Revelation Made Easier. This book is an invaluable resource for any home library.

Cultivated in Christ by Thomas Holton

New Testament Made Easier

Can you see yourself through the Savior's eyes? Have you been inspired by His loving perspective?

There is no greater love than that of God and His Son. This love overwhelms, astonishes, comforts, and embraces each one of us. When we open our souls to this infinite affection and come to see ourselves through the Lord's divine sight, we will be uplifted, comforted, and transformed.

In this insightful and reverent companion to Alive in Christ, author Thomas Holton uses the symbolism of a seed in the garden of the Lord to describe how each one of us has the potential to grow from humble beginnings, through difficult circumstances, into a fully Christlike person under the cultivation of Christ's love.

The Savior wants you to know what He knows, to become as He is, and to be in His presence forever. You can become more than you ever imagined with His help. With Cultivated in Christ, open your eyes to the amazing vision of your worth, your life, and your possibilities.