Jeana James

Jeana James has always loved working with kids. She was a dance instructor for 29 years, having the opportunity to teach thousands of dancers all types of dance. Jeana has a Masters of Education degree from Utah State University. She currently works as an elementary school counselor for Washington County School District. Jeana writes character education lessons for students, faculty, and parents; her lessons are used in many schools, elementary to high school level. She truly loves her job because of the opportunity it gives her to improve lives, especially her own, everyday. Sarah C. Nightingale is an award-winning artist and illustrator from California, who, until recently, lived and worked in Chicago. She received her BFA in illustration from Brigham Young University in 2014. Sarah has worked primarily with oil paint since the tender age of eight, and she has always had a deep love for the traditional portrait masters and the impressionists, whose influences can be seen throughout her body of work. She strives to paint subjects that emit light and goodness, always in the pursuit of optimism.