Cedar Fort Best-Selling Author Aspen Hadley

Cedar Fort Author Aspen Hadley

Aspen Hadley's Clean Romance Books 


Halstead House

Aspen_Hadley_Clean_Romance_Halstead_HouseGrace had not gone to Lavender Island to seek out Lucas. He hadn't even been on the list of reasons for her to run away. She had fallen in love with him, and he loved her back-didn't he? Yet her mother's words made sense in a bizarre way. Grace was left to struggle with a broken heart filled with doubt and the fear that for once in her life, her mother was right.

And now it all depended on Lucas. Did he love her enough to insist on her staying, or would he watch and do nothing as she was forced to leave, never to return?


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Suits and Spark Plugs


 Liv Phelps is on a mission. Get a degree, stay independent, save her family, and start a new life far from the small town where she was raised. Men, love, and emotion have no place in her plans. However, the universe has a different idea of what Liv needs, and when dashing Blaine Harris enters the diner where she's working, she decides that maybe she should give him a chance.




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Simply Starstruck


 Kate Evans never imagined she'd be a young widow and single mom, staying in her aunt's guest cottage. She also never imagined she'd live next door to Jess Sullivan, an actual movie star. Struggling to put herself back together, Kate gets swept up in a whirlwind of dating, but can she keep ignoring what her heart really wants?




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Blind Dates, Bridesmaids & Other Disasters

Aspen_Hadley_BlindDatesBridesmaids On the surface, Rachel Stevens's life looks perfect. One great job, two awesome roommates, and a supportive family. But when her roommate Hannah announces her engagement, Rachel sees eternal singleness and innumerable cats in her future. When the bride-to-be issues a challenge--go on six blind dates and before the "I do's" --Rachel isn't convinced her imagined future is that bad in comparison. The dates are predictably horrible and the situation further complicated by the return of James, Rachel's first, long-lost love. James says he is over her . . . but is Rachel over him?



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Aspen Hadley's Bio


Cedar_Fort_Author_Aspen_HadleyAspen Hadley loves nothing more than a great story. She has devoted herself to story-telling for the majority of her life, writing her first novel at her kitchen table in the 8th grade. Aspen writes what she wants to read: clean, sassy, romantic comedy novels that give you a break from real life and leave you feeling happy.

Outside of writing, Aspen's number one hobby is reading. Number two is sneaking chocolate into and out of her private stash without being caught. Other favorite things include: playing the piano, listening to classic rock, telling jokes around the dinner table, eating ice cream, traveling, a good case of the giggles, and riding on ATVs over the many trails near her home.

Q&A With Aspen Hadley

Hobbies:  Playing piano, road-tripping, off-roading on ATVs, reading. 

Most Exotic Place Visited: Alaska was my favorite!! 
Your Dream Car:  My actual dream - one car for each day of the week. I love cars. It would be so amazing to have a storage shed full of them to drive whatever I was in the mood for.   
Favorite Sport:  Not much of a sports person.  If I had to watch one, probably soccer or basketball. 

Mountains or Beach? Why?  I love the mountains.  I love how you can feel totally secluded by the trees surrounding you, or peaceful canoeing on a lake.  I love the sound the wind makes when it blows through the leaves, and taking a dirt road that could go anywhere. 

Pet Peeve:  Slow anything.  Slow driving, slow talking, slow eating, etc.  Sloths are my nemesis.

Book that Changed Your Life: Jayhawk by Dorothy M. Keddington.  This was my first romance book and I fell in love with the genre after reading it as a teenager.  After that, I started dreaming about writing my own novels. 

Favorite Place to Write:  At home in my recliner.

Do You Listen to Music While You Write? What Kind?  I don't.  I listen to music all the time around the house while cleaning, or in the car while driving, but I need it quiet to write. 

Favorite Character You Created:  I really love them all for different reasons, but Liv and Connor have a special place in my heart. Liv for her strength and vulnerability, and her sassy attitude.  Connor for his depth and patience, and his total commitment to Liv.