Top 10 Most Read E-Books May 2023

Get on board with others in your ward and enjoy our Cedar Fort Unlimited app, full of LDS Non-fiction resources, including eBooks, audiobooks, podcasts, articles, and additional resources from Cedar Fort Publishing & Media. Here are the Top 10 most-read books in April on the Cedar Fort Unlimited App.

Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Smith

By: Ron L. Andersen

Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Smith, despite their differences, share more in common than one might expect. Both led remarkable lives, with Lincoln guiding the nation through the Civil War and emancipating slaves, while Smith founded the fastest-growing Christian denomination. Surprisingly, they held similar and controversial beliefs on slavery and God, and their paths converged in Illinois during the 1840s, revealing intriguing aspects of their legacies such as Smith's stance on abolition and Lincoln's support for the Mormon vote. This exhaustively researched dual biography uncovers the striking parallels between these two young men from humble beginnings, offering a fresh perspective on their lives before they became martyrs for their respective causes.

30-Minute Meals for Families

By: Shauna Schmidt Evans

Skip the drive-thru and feed your family the food they deserve. With 30-Minutes Meals for Families, enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals like Savory Chicken Squares, Cheese Ravioli with Creamy Marinara, and Enchilada Bake, all in 30 minutes or less! You'll have dinner on the table faster than you can say, ''ll have fries with that."

A Plain English Reference to the Book of Mormon

By: Timothy B. Wilson

With notes that expound on ideas or share insights and key concepts before each chapter, this book is a useful tool for students of all ages. Quickly and easily gain a better grasp on the stories, timelines, and relationships within the keystone of our religion with this book that's perfect for the whole family.

1,001 Facts About the Prophet Joseph Smith

By: Alexa Erekson

Discover the details of Joseph Smith's life as you never have before! This comprehensive, easy-to-read history shares little-known facts that will let you see the Prophet Joseph in a whole new light! Taken entirely from firsthand accounts, these fascinating stories take you back to Joseph's childhood, the early days of the Church, and the legacy of faith he left behind.

2-Hour Book of Mormon

By: Larry Anderson

With easy-to-understand words, this book helps readers of all ages get acquainted with the Book of Mormon. It's perfect for teachers, parents, and youth, whether they're at church or at home. Prepare yourself to better understand the stories, timelines, and relationships of the "keystone of our religion" in a simple yet lasting way.

Isaiah Made Easier

By: David J. Ridges

In Isaiah Made Easier, gospel scholar David J. Ridges expertly unravels the teachings and symbolism of Isaiah, providing clear explanations and comments that bring the scripture to life. With over 35 years of experience in teaching and research, Ridges offers a comprehensive analysis of every chapter of Isaiah, making it more accessible and understandable than ever before.

Broken Hearts Mended

By: Reg Christensen

In "Broken Hearts Mended: Healing From Divorce," author Reg Christensen offers a comforting narrative that addresses the emotional pain and challenges associated with divorce, providing guidance on how to heal using eternal principles such as faith, forgiveness, endurance, repentance, trust, agency, hope, and gratitude. Drawing from personal experience, Christensen shares insights on navigating the dark abyss of divorce and finding solace and restoration through the infinite love of our Savior.


By: Rebecca H. Jamison

Emma's her name and matchmaking is her game! Quirky life coach Emma wants to help her first-ever client, a lonely nanny named Harriet. But all of her attempts at matchmaking result only in embarrassing miscues and blunders, leaving the pair disheartened and confused. This modern take on the Jane Austen classic shows that sometimes the greatest match is the one we make for ourselves.

New Testament Made Easier

By: David J. Ridges

In the third edition of The New Testament Made Easier, renowned teacher and gospel scholar David J. Ridges skillfully brings the New Testament to life with his exceptional teaching skills, incorporating additional notes, commentary, verses from the Joseph Smith Translation, and the complete text of the bestselling book Our Savior Jesus Christ, His Life and Mission to Cleanse and Heal. This edition offers an invaluable bonus with Our Savior Jesus Christ, providing an intimate journey through the Savior's mortal life, from the pre-existence to his ministry and the final week of his mortality, inviting readers to experience spiritual growth and comprehend the profound power of the Atonement, Resurrection, and the ongoing ministry of the Savior in bringing us closer to the Father.

Why I Left the Mormon Church and Came Back

By: Haleigh Everts

Join Haleigh Everts on her inspiring journey through conversion, doubts, and rediscovering her faith in a religion she once thought she had left behind for good. This refreshing and candid account of modern discipleship offers an honest and open perspective that explores the challenges and joys of returning to one's religious roots.