The Touch of the Master's Hand

Written by Bryan Baggaley, author of Building Faith Like the Brother of Jared


When the Lord reached out and touched the stones prepared by the brother of Jared, they burst forth with the light of Christ implanted in them by His touch. Radiating with light, the stones were placed within the heart of the vessels, giving light and life to the people and validating the faith of their efforts. With the touch of the Lord, years of labor in building the barges were redeemed from becoming a thing of naught. The barges were transformed into vessels of salvation that could carry the people to the promised land.

In each of our lives, we expend great efforts. Sometimes our efforts are impressive and gain notoriety throughout the world. More often our greatest struggles occur within the walls of our own home or within the chambers of our own heart. Whether we expend our lives in leading nations or struggling within our souls, at some point we realize that all of our efforts cannot bring us into the realm of heaven. We may refine and shape our stony heart in an attempt to make it clear and void of impurities, but we cannot infuse it with the light we need to fill our soul.

Each of us must prepare ourselves and humbly approach the Lord and implore Him to extend His hand beyond the veil and touch our soul that our heart may be filled with His light. It is only His touch and blessing that can sanctify our faith and labors as a vessel for our salvation. It is only His touch that can redeem our souls and fill us with His light that we may complete our journey to the promised land.