The Savior's Nature to Forgive is Because of Man's Nature to Continue to Fail



The Savior has three famous stories that show his power to heal. The first being the story of when Christ heals the man sick with palsy, the second being when Christ raises Jairus's daughter from the dead, and finally the third is when Christ heals the woman with the issue of blood.

We can learn a lot about the character and nature of Jesus Christ simply by looking at those three stories from the New Testament. In the first story, we learned that Christ can heal both body and soul, and that a miracle occurs when Christ gives us something, or power to do something, that we could not otherwise obtain without Him.

In the second story, we learn that Christ fulfills His promises in His own time and in His own way. Blessings and answers may not always come quickly, but as we rely on Jesus Christ, they will come. He has not forgotten you just because He stops to help another on His way.



And in the third story, we learn that Christ values us individually. He takes, and has taken, time for each of us. He wants to talk to us. He wants to heal us. He wants to encourage us to continue to become better. He is not too busy to listen to you. He is not too burdened to help carry your load.

Those three stories alone show us the true nature of Jesus Christ, but the scriptures are full of many more accounts that illustrate who He really is. I encourage you to take the time to study those stories, to pray to know of their truth, and to start developing a personal relationship with your Savior. Dive into the scriptures and let them become alive in you, because they aren’t just nice stories. They’re life histories and promises for the future. Start today, because knowing Him is essential for understanding His love and grace.

As you get to know Jesus Christ personally, it becomes a little bit easier to understand His atoning act. Everything Christ has ever been recorded doing was done in love. Every blessing He gave was given through love. Every doctrine He taught with a love for God’s children and a sincere desire to bring them home. Even His rebuking and rep- rimanding words were spoken because Christ loves us too much to watch us destroy our chances of eternal happiness. Christ emulates love. Christ is love. And when you start to see Him as an embodiment of the purest form of godly love, the idea that He would atone for the people He loves starts to seem a little less incredulous.

Of course, even if you believe Christ loves His people enough to save them, it doesn’t have much effect on you until you believe that you’re worth saving.