The Major Theme Of General Conference We Hope You Didn't Miss.

Today marked the first session of the 91st Semi-Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. All the talks were amazing and each one filled with the Spirit. President Russell M. Nelson was the first speaker of the first session of General Conference, and stated how the strength of the Church comes from the testimonies of its members. All the talks proceeding his carried a theme that we hope you didn’t miss out on. Here are some clues to help you out. 

Clue #1 comes from Elder Dieter F. Utchforf’s talk in which he gave heavy weight to understanding the Plan of Salvation, understanding what our Heavenly Father wants from us, and how the Savior plans on teaching these things to us. So the first clue is that to apply all of these teachings that are going to be given to us this weekend, we must understand WHY they are being given to us. It has to do with the Plan of Salvation. 

Clue #2 comes from the 2nd Counselor of the Sunday School General Presidency, Jan Eric Newman’s talk, along with Elder Gary E. Stevenson’s talk, and Elder Gerrit W. Gong’s talk. The first of these, talked about the importance of teaching like the savior in order to help the church grow. He stated that first, in order to teach about the Savior, the teacher must learn to exemplify the qualities of the Savior and apply them to their life. By adjusting your teaching style to His, you will have more success. 

Elder Stevenson talked strongly about the importance of loving one another, and Elder Gong talked about the importance of being nice to one another. By applying both of these lessons, we can as members better bring people closer to the Savior. 



On top of these talks, was given by Joy D. Jones, the Primary General President, who emphasized the importance of teaching children the Gospel, and using that important and crucial time in their life, to let them gain a personal experience of loving the Savior. 

Clue #3 comes from the hymn that was sung by the choir: High On Mountain Top. 

Did you get it? 

The major theme that I felt was being relayed this session of General Conference is one of creating a goal of cultivating kindness and missionary work among members and non-members. The only way to succeed however in this goal, however, is by first starting with the individuals. By culminating all the talks as one, we can see this theme. 

First, before missionary work can happen to non-members, memers of the Church need to first:

 (1) Why it is important to be kind and do missionary work, and that all of this is part of the Plan of Salvation. 

(2) Teach the Gospel in our homes and to our Children

(3) Learn how to teach the Gospel to others by applying the lessons of the greatest teacher, The Savior. 

(4) The importance of being kind and to love one another, and by our example they will come closer to the Gospel and the Savior, and will have a desire to know more THROUGH our example. 


But these are just our thoughts. What are yours? What did you get from this conference? Let us know in the comments!