The Healing Peace The Lord Gives When We Trust and Obey Him

Mark said it very well: “I believe that [true] peace can only be delivered from one source, Jesus Christ the Peacemaker himself. I am not convinced that the peace given by the Savior is the same as a feeling of intermission from a storm. Relief is different than peace. The feeling of peace given from the Savior, not as the world giveth, is unique and fully recognizable when felt, but a bit difficult to adequately describe. It’s a feeling of calm, confidence and humility, light, truth and knowledge all quietly felt at once. I know the adversary and his legions cannot produce that.”

I agree. There is an abiding, penetrating, and healing peace the Lord gives when we trust Him and obey Him, which often runs contrary to what is happening all around us. It is not always logical. In other words, logic and reason say we should be scared stiff, but the Spirit gives us peace that He is with us, and we are in His tender care. This is when the circumstances no longer matter; we just know that all is well, and we can view the world burning down around us with true peace.



Like you, I have experienced this many times. Some of these events were profoundly life-altering, yet the Spirit spoke peace; and even before a solution presented itself, I knew all was well. 

I believe that every circumstance of our lives can be conquered by giving the burden, fear, and solution into Christ’s hands and then surrendering our own need to control the outcome. This is when the peace that surpasseth understanding settles upon us, and even in our continuing pain, we will know that “this too will pass.”


The following was taken from the book Journey to the Veil Part Two, currently on sale at