The General Conference Talk That Wasn't Given But Needed To Be Given

General Conference was amazing this last weekend. Not only were the talks powerful, but they were as relevant as ever to the times that we are living in. The Saturday Morning Session had some of the strongest talks and topics given in my opinion. With all of that being said, there was one talk that needed to be given that wasn't. 


That talk was on the struggles that our every day missionaries are facing currently. 


President Russell M. Nelson briefly stated that in some missions, the teaching numbers have gotten higher since the pandemic of COVID-19 started. This rise of teachings was a very positive note to share.


What wasn't shared though was the decline in teachings in other missions. What wasn't shared was the struggle of brand new missionaries who have been stuck in their apartments for weeks without ever teaching a single lesson. What wasn't shared was the struggle missionaries are having working with members to find new opportunities. 



The talk that needed to be given was a talk on member missionary work, and how to bring those two parties together. The talk that needed to given was a talk to encourage members to help out missionaries now more than ever in finding those who need to hear the Gospel.


Members know the area and the ward and stake better than the missionaries. They could share information on less actives, struggling members, and opportunities for service better than the missionaries could. A less-active members is more likely to have dinner with a friendly member in the ward than just exclusively with the missionaries. 


All in all, General Conference was great. The talks were relevant, powerful, and filled with the Spirit. But as I talk with parents who have missionaries out in the field, I wonder if there was one talk that needed to given that wasn't. 


What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!



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