The First Vision Happened 200 Years Ago

The ending of October 2019 conference left with quite the cliffhanger. In his closing remarks, President Nelson designated the year 2020 as a bicentennial year, marking the 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith’s “First Vision.”


He said that in celebration, April will yield a general conference different from those in previous years. In his remarks he said:


“In the next six months, I hope that every member and every family will prepare for a unique conference that will commemorate the very foundations of the restored gospel. General conference next April will not only be memorable, it will be unforgettable.”


What could this mean? What will make this particular even so unforgettable and unique? Regardless of what it means, the Prophet has us to study both the Book of Mormon, as well as the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and the Restoration. 


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