The Facebook Group That Showcases That Social Media Can Bring People Together Rather Than Divide

Last year when the COVID-19 pandemic happened and lockdowns started to occur all across the world, many people felt isolated and alone. In April, many church leaders of various faiths around the world came together invited everyone of all races and creeds to fast on April 10th on behalf of COVID-19 and come together. 

Because of this international union of people of various religious beliefs, cultures, and races, a group on Facebook proved that social media can bring people together better than dividing them. That group is called Worldwide Unified.


Our goal is to follow Christ’s example to “love thy neighbor as thyself” (Matthew 22:39). Whether you worship Allah, Jehovah, a supreme being, or no one at all, we invite you to accept our differences and unify the human family.

This group started April 4, 2020, when the Prophet Russell M. Nelson invited the world to fast on April 10 on behalf of COVID-19. Over 500,000 people from the group alone joined in that day. We honor this historical day which broke down religious, political, and cultural barriers. We will continue to break these barriers through fasting, prayer, action, and unifying activities.


This week marks there 1 year anniversary and the group continues to grow. So what makes this group so amazing? Every day, people from all over post pictures, inspirational stories, scripture passages, and pleas for help on their various life stories and experiences. Many members in the group send kind regards, send prayers, and get involved in order to aid and support those who are struggling with life's many different blows. 

Whether you're looking for hope in a terrible situation and need support and prayers, or whether you're wanting to be on the opposite side and give support and Christ-like love to a child of God, this group is for you. 


Take the time to read the stories throughout this group and to learn to mourn with those that mourn, and give comfort to those that stand in need of comfort. With a world that feels so divided, especially on social media, this group showcases the power of the internet the ability that social media has in bringing people together for a positive cause.

You can join this group at the link below, and if your friends and family haven't joined yet, maybe invite them to do so. Not many places on the internet are full of such kindness and hope, and this message of Christlike love needs to be shared.