The Aaronic Priesthood, not just for Boys/ Men

As I sat down with Nathan Nelson I noticed he was very bright-eyed and enthusiastic about his topic, the Aaronic Priesthood.  He described to me how he was ready to talk about anything and everything.  That's refreshing for me, an interviewer,  to know that wherever I feel the conversation needs to go, he is up for it. 

Nathan has spent years refining his knowledge of the Aaronic priesthood through teaching, studying, and writing, and the result is his book, Upon You My Fellow Servants.   

He claimed that the Aaronic priesthood wasn't just for deacons who are passing the sacrament but also for anyone in the church who holds a calling. You see, if you hold a calling under the bishop, who has the authority of the Aaronic priesthood, then the priesthood is working through you. Men, women, and children alike!  Think, our young ladies who serve in the Young Women's presidencies are essentially working through the power of the Aaronic priesthood, bestowed upon them when they are set apart from that calling. 

Because he said this I, of course, being a modern woman myself, wanted to really dive into the subject of women and the priesthood and he was more than happy to discuss it.  Our conclusion was after a lengthy discussion that women may not hold the keys to the priesthood in the holy order of the gospel but we are able to fully take advantage of the blessings and power it has anyway.  Women do not need priesthood keys to perform ordinances in the temple or to hold higher callings in the church. We just need to be worthy to do so.  We don't have a name for this power, but it's clearly an example of women using the priesthood. 

To hear more of our conversation you can listen to our interview below or find it on your favorite podcast streaming platform HERE and you can pick up a copy of Nathan Nelsons book, Upon You My Fellow Servants HERE