Partakers of the Divine Nature

Written by Ester Rasband, author of Choosing to Know Christ: Our Roles in the Plan of Salvation

As Peter said, it is through the great and precious promises that we can become partakers of the divine nature. Or, in other words, start the chain reaction of perfectibility. If our consecrating covenants to give are kept, the Spirit will visit us with an intensity of the feelings of the list for God and for others. It’s a critical mass of love. The most “worth it” wants in our lives will always be for the good of the unit that man and woman and their family have become. And the ultimate good for them all will be eternal life. If that is our choice, each will serve that destination, whether our actions are on our own or in concert with a spouse. Salvation, after all, is individual. It is that individual salvation that makes us eligible to be part of an exalted family.

In our journey-obsessed world, roles in families are seen as limiting. We need to be far more trusting in the Lord’s wisdom. In mortality, the roles we take will be sometimes on the center stage. Sometimes they will be support roles. The support role is what we take for the good of the partnership and therefore it is for our own benefit as certainly as the center stage role.

There are recognizable signs that we are focusing on “the journey” instead of the destination. One of them is talk of “your turn” and “my turn.” Turns do indeed take place in who has the support role and who has the center stage, but those turns evolve in a relationship where the best interest of the eternal partnership is what is sought. When you have a destination that comes first in your mind, you are not focused on whose turn it is to shine. You are both serving the desired result. Turns in the spotlight change naturally when oneness is present. They may change minute to minute, year to year, or even decade to decade. To a destination-focused couple, it doesn’t matter. Both are benefitting and both serving. Turns are given by circumstance, not taken or coveted by a mortal journey focus.

Commitment to the best eternal destination, with an eye to making it easier for our spouses to share the goal, is a good example of list-living love. I think that our choice to commit to loving will make us, line upon line, able to abide a forever of perfect love. And that is the destination toward which we must stay oriented if our choices are to lead us to reach a critical mass of love. At that point, the decision for which we came to this earth will have been made. Our “portion”(1) will be perfectible, and His grace will be sufficient for us.(2)

1. 2 Peter 1:2

2. D&C 88:29. 86. Moroni 10:32. 87. Matthew 6:33