New Releases - June 2022

Another month means another set of NEW books to release, and this month we have some really awesome titles that you should check out!


Bedtime Stories for Girls of Destiny: 45 Tales of Extraordinary Latter-day Saint Women

Author: Raeleigh Wilkinson

You already know the incredible stories of Emma Smith and Eliza R. Snow and their instrumental contributions to the foundation of the Church, but the strength of Latter-day Saint women didn't end there. This compilation of forty-five brief biographies of remarkable women from thirty nations throughout Church history is accompanied by beautiful portraits illustrated by Latter-day Saint women.

From athletes to artists, teachers to translators, missionaries to mothers, and scientists to spies, the stories of these extraordinary Saints are sure to inspire any woman to follow her passion and embrace her destiny as a daughter of God. Get your copy here!


Finding Peace in Difficult Times

Authors: Ted Asay, Mark Ogletree

We live in an age where anxiety, stress, and unhappiness often crowd out feelings of peace and well-being. In these Last Days, not only is peace lacking in the world, but it is frequently in short supply in our individual lives. For many, it is easy to focus on fear instead of faith.

Amid these challenges and uncertainty, however, there is a pathway to greater calm and confidence. Combining professional experience and wisdom drawn from the words of modern prophets, psychotherapists Ted Asay and Mark Ogletree offer several simple strategies that will help to quiet inner turmoil and enhance feelings of happiness and contentment. Get your copy here!


The Holy Ghost from A to Z

Author: Liz Kazandzhy

The greatest blessing we have been given as Latter-day Saints is the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. But this blessing is often forgotten or taken for granted.

From "bringing Abundance" to "increasing your Zeal," The Holy Ghost from A to Z explores the many incredible facets of the Spirit-His roles, His capabilities, and the blessings He offers. Some blessings you may be familiar with, like His ability to warn, comfort, and testify. But did you know He can also improve your relationships, give you physical strength, and help you discover and fulfill your life mission?

When you recognize the immeasurable ways the Spirit can help you, you will be able to invite Him closer and use that guidance to make real and lasting changes to improve your life. Get your copy here!


 Spiritual Resistance Agent Field Manual

Author: Kathryn Lee Moss

Help your family stand for truth and resist the evil that surrounds them daily.

During WWII when the Nazis occupied much of Europe, many people felt helpless in the face of such wickedness. To help combat this anxiety, the Allies trained  resistance agents to be able to fight from within occupied countries. They created a manual to help these agents learn how to recognize the tactics of the enemy, train in the use of weapons, and develop strategies for fighting the enemy while keeping themselves safe.

The same strategies that helped defeat the Nazis will help individuals and families become a powerful force for good in a world that is increasingly occupied by evil. Combining personal stories with examples from history and the Bible, The Spiritual Resistance Agent Field Manual provides spiritual weapons and tactics that will help today's youth fight against the wickedness and negativity that surround them. Get your copy here!


Of Pigs and Priests

Author: Nathaniel Gee

 It's 1557, and Father Young and Bishop Goldheart are fated to be single for eternity.

As devoted priests of the Catholic church, the two men have committed themselves to vows of celibacy. But while their minds and spirits are devoted to their faith, their hearts ache with loneliness. Father Young has recently fallen for Fannie Porkshire, the daughter of the newest family to come to the little town of Bridgecrest. And in the neighboring town of Lushton, Bishop Goldheart has long admired Miss Denine, the owner of a local tavern.

As they both resign themselves to suffer with their feelings alone, they find new hope when Queen Elizabeth comes to the throne and officially institutes the Church of England, which now allows priests to marry. Overnight, Father Young and Bishop Goldheart become the most eligible bachelors in town. Every mother wants their daughter matched with the notable men of the church.

But as the two priests enter society in a way they never had before, they suddenly realize that their vows were not the only thing keeping them from love. Love, while now legal, is not necessarily easy. Get your copy here!


Sweetheart's Lake

Author: Sean Kikkert

 "I will be here for you always, Alicia," Edmund promised. "I hope you know that."

Two weeks before their wedding day, Alicia Barlett's fiancé, Edmund Pembroke, is struck down by cholera. As his condition deteriorates, he reveals his dying wish is to see Sweetheart's Lake one last time with Alicia, where he later dies in her arms.

Left with memories and a broken heart, Alicia visits the lake whenever she feels sad or lonely. She imagines she can see Edmund's reflection in the water, and as she reminisces and confides her sorrows, she can even hear his voice speaking back to her, promising to always be there to comfort her.

After four years of mourning and recovery, Alicia marries a dashing young physician, Dr. Hilary St. John. But it seems her happily ever after is doomed to fail once again when accusations of treason lead to Hilary's sudden detainment in the Tower of London. In her despair, Alicia dreams of Edmund urging her to visit him at the lake and warning that both her and her husband are in grave danger.

Is this vision simply the result of a desperate wish? Or is her dead fiancé truly reaching out from beyond the grave to keep a promise? In any case, can Alicia take the chance that she may have to say goodbye to her love for a second time? Get your copy here!