More Artwork of Jesus INSIDE of LDS Church Buildings | No More Bulletin Boards, Easels, or Display Cases

In a letter released by the Church leadership this week, President Nelson has asked the the inside buildings be updated to more Christ centered. What this means is the removal of display cases, bulletin boards, old couches, and to get rid of easels. Along with that, to replace all of these with more artwork of Christ. 


In the letter included FIVE guidelines for a better Savior focused experience for those entering the meeting house:


1. Place existing artwork that depicts the savior himself or the savior ministering to others in meetinghouse entries and foyers. Examine existing artwork to ensure that it is appropriately framed, displayed and in good condition.

2. Move other artwork to another location within the facility or remove it altogether.

3. Choose replacement art, if needed, from the Approved Selection of Foyer Artwork (attached to the First Presidency letter) and follow approved sizes and quality standards.

4. Assess entries and foyers as part of an annual inspection to evaluate existing furnishings, artwork and finishes. Replace and update these items as needed to maintain a feeling of reverence for the savior.

5. Remove from the foyer areas distractions, such as display cases, bulletin boards, tables, easels, and damaged furniture.



What is interesting to note is the change of Church culture. Was once a normal occurrence of walking down the halls with display cases of awards, missionary plaques, and announcements, will now be a thing of the past.


In the letter, the First Presidency stated: 

“In the Church’s temples, every furnishing adds to an atmosphere of peace, worship and reverence for Jesus Christ. The same principle applies to the Church’s meetinghouses. It is in chapels that Latter-day Saints partake of the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper — bread and water that symbolize the body and blood of Jesus.”