MIRACLE! 600 Families in Need are Fed Thanks to the Farmers Feeding Utah

During this pandemic it may be hard to see the good that is being produced in the world. With that in mind, we wanted to share a positive story that hopefully brightens up your day!


Due to COVID-19, many business shut down and the loss of jobs was detrimental to many families around the country. Luckily, heroes like Farmers Feeding Utah are out in communities and doing what they can to help. 


On Monday, July 27th, around 600 families, many of whom lost their jobs, received food donations that included potatoes, sweet corn, garlic, and dried cherries, as well as cheese, beef, eggs, and milk. Farmers Feeding Utah also made donations to other pantries in Salt Lake County. 


“Instead of mourning the barriers in the food supply system,” said Farm Bureau President Ron Gibson, “we’ve gone to work growing a miracle with the Farmers Feeding Utah campaign.”


This was a miracle to these families, and this is their third "miracle" donation that they have made this year. If you feel like this is a cause that you want to be a part of, consider checking their website out and find out how you can help!






For the full story from the Salt Lake Tribune, click here!