Is There a God?

Is there a God? Or is Atheism the correct path for me?

In a conversation with a young atheist awhile back, I asked, “If there is no God, then where do you get your morals from?”

He replied, “That’s easy: moral is whatever does the most good for the most people.”

I answered, “But if you can just make up this morality (or learn it from someone else who made it up), then why can’t I make up my own morality as well? If you can just invent a morality of ‘do the most good for the most people,’ why can’t I just invent a morality of, ‘do the most good for myself’ or ‘dominate others’ or ‘seek the greatness of my racial group’?”

At this point he didn’t have an answer. He might have tried to say he didn’t invent these morals—that they came from a higher source, but this would then lead to the question, what is that higher source? If we just invent our own morality, then we have no reason for obeying it. If morality comes from a higher source, then this leads us straight to the Source of all truth, goodness, and beauty—God Himself.

The above should make clear this crucial point: atheism offers no guidance when it comes to morality. That fixed moral precepts can never be found in contingent science is something religious people have been saying all along but what the atheist refuses to admit. Atheists don’t get morals from evolution but start with morals and then justify them after the fact by inventing evolutionary stories. This is not science but faith.

This is an excerpt from the book THERE IS A GOD by Hyrum Lewis, PhD. For more about this book check it out here: