5 Crazy Facts About Joseph Smith You Probably Didn't Know!

5 Crazy Facts About Joseph Smith You Probably Didn't Know!


1) Along with seeing Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, Joseph also saw angels. Many Latterday Saints have wondered who else would have been permitted to accompany the Father and Son as angels in this vision.


2) Joseph Smith did not speak about the First Vision very often. In fact, many of the early Saints never learned about Joseph’s First Vision during his lifetime. Joseph knew how sacred his story was, and he took it very seriously. Another reason he kept the First Vision mostly private was that telling the story almost always led to persecution. He learned this lesson for the first time after telling his Methodist preacher only a few days after the visitation.


3) Lucy Harris sued Joseph Smith after prohibiting Martin Harris from being his scribe. While in Court, Martin Harris took Joseph's side over his wife's, saying: 


“I can swear that Joseph Smith never has got one dollar from me by persuasion, since God made me. I did once, on my own free will and accord, put $50 into his hands, in the presence of many witnesses, for the purpose of doing the work of the Lord. This, I can pointedly prove; and I can tell you, furthermore, that I have never seen in Joseph Smith a disposition to take any man’s money without giving him reasonable compensation for the same in return. . . . He has the plates which he professes to have, if you do not believe it, but continue to resist the truth, it will one day be the means of damning your souls”


After hearing Martin Harris’s testimony, the judge declared that he did not need to hear from any more witnesses. He tore up the case in front of everybody and then told them all to go home.


4) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized on April 6, 1830. Oddly, that day was a Tuesday, not a Sunday. The Lord commanded Joseph Smith to hold the first meeting on this day specifically. It has been confirmed by revelation and several apostles and prophets that April 6 is the actual and accurate date of the birth of Christ. This could be why Heavenly Father wanted Christ’s Church restored on this date. In 1830, the name of the Church was simply “The Church of the Latter day Saints.”


5) When Joseph Smith ran for President of the United States of America, his platform was that he would reduce Congress and their salaries, abolish slavery, give more authority to the federal government than the state governments, and annex California, Oregon, and Texas. He also wanted to reform prisons. He believed that prisons should not be only about punishment, but should be more like rehabilitation facilities where prisoners can take classes, educate themselves, and become better people. His views were very progressive for that time, and generally became reality for the country in the years following.


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The following was taken from the book, 1001 Facts About the Prophet Joseph Smithcurrently available at cedarfort.com.