Why We Need Righteous Leaders in Government and the World | Ether 6-11 | Come Follow Me

The need for righteous leaders has never been more important than now. Righteous leaders have the ability to influence the people for good, and to lead by example. A great example of a righteous leader in the Book of Mormon is King Mosiah, who would work with the people he ruled, and lead by example through his actions. 


In the book of Ether chapters 7-11, we learn of 28 different generations of leadership, both righteous and wicked. Some of these leaders brought blessings and prosperity to their people, while others leadership let to captivity and destruction.


Below are just a few of the kings mentioned in these chapters. Read the associated verses, and see what you can learn from their examples—positive and negative—about leadership. As you do, think about opportunities you might have to lead or influence others in your home, your community, your Church calling, and so on.



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