Alma 13-16 June 15th-21st

As each of us reads the scriptures the still small voice may speak inspiration to our minds.  I myself have had moments where a certain scripture that I have read many times before has a whole new meaning on a certain day.  I have often found it helpful to record those impressions in the notes of my gospel library for reference later on. Some of you may choose to write it in the margins of your holy scriptures or in a journal. Hopefully, you are recording it somewhere because these are precious gifts of insight from a loving Heavenly Father. 

In this week's Come Follow Me with David Ridges Podcast, David makes a list of the things that Amulek gave up to Embrace the Gospel, he talks us through these things and why they are important.   

If you are interested in how you can record, catalogue and tag your inspiration in the Gospel Library you should grab a copy of our Digital Scripture Study for the Busy Latter-day Saint. 

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