Top 10 Most-Read eBooks in April 2023

Top 10 Most-Read eBooks in April 2023



Get on board with others in your ward and enjoy our Cedar Fort Unlimited app, full of LDS Non-fiction resources, including eBooks, audiobooks, podcasts, articles, and additional resources from Cedar Fort Publishing & Media. Here are the Top 10 most-read books in April on the Cedar Fort Unlimited App.


2-Hour Book of Mormon

By: Larry Anderson

With easy-to-understand words, this book helps readers of all ages get acquainted with the Book of Mormon. It's perfect for teachers, parents and youth, whether they're at church or at home. 


Bodyguard to the Prophet

By: Larry Mullins

Larry Mullins was instructed to develop a security program to protect the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and to tell no one except his wife. Decades later, he revealed his unique insights in Bodyguard to the Prophet, including the logistics and threats of protecting the president and stories of life behind the scenes of Church leadership.


Dear Divine Daughter

By: Amber Corkin

Inspiring Stories of Bible Women is a children's book with 34 inspiring stories of Bible women, each with a unique adjective, and beautiful illustrations by female artists. The book ends with a prompt for the reader to develop that characteristic, celebrating the uniqueness of each woman's strengths and encouraging girls to understand their value as daughters of God..


Digital Scripture Study for the Busy Latter-day Saint

By: Richard Bernard

Richard Bernard shares the importance of scripture study as a key to receiving revelation in today's busy world, and offers a 7-minute daily guide to engage in it, leading to revelation. He also provides a 15-day guide to organizing the Gospel Library in 7 minutes a day, helping to bring meaning and purpose to scripture study and build a personal library of spiritual growth.


Enduring a Crisis of Faith

By: Rico Maranto

Rico Maranto's book reframes our perception of doubt and alleviates the shame and guilt associated with experiencing faith crises, as he shares his own story of transition from losing faith to rediscovering it. The book offers a template for spiritual development, strategies for enduring a crisis of faith, and tools for helping others struggling with doubt, reassuring readers that a crisis of faith can lead to a rebirth of testimony and transform individuals into their best selves.


Finding Yourself in the New Testament

By Al Carraway

Award-winning speaker and best-selling author Al Carraway presents an in-depth study of the life of Jesus Christ and how it relates to our own in an intimate and personal way, showing readers who and what He really is. Drawing directly from the four Gospels of the New Testament, this book leads readers to the Being who can give them the power to change and helps them see themselves in every aspect of the Savior’s ministry and in the lives of the people He blessed.


Gethsemane, Golgotha, and the Garden Tomb

By: Ed J. Pinegar

The Atonement is more than the center of the gospel; it is the center and strength of our very lives. Discover how the Atonement will change your life through not only asking for forgiveness but also seeking to forgive with this insightful book from renowned gospel teacher and scholar Ed J. Pinegar.


Hungry Family Slow Cooker Cookbook

By: Christina Dymock

With the help of your trusty slow cooker and healthy, simple recipes, you can put dinner on the table even on the busiest of days. Author Christina Dymock teaches the benefits of slow-cooked meals, how to care for your cooker, and provides over 90 mouthwatering meals to make, including Peppery Cilantro Salmon, Apple Roast Beef, Sausage Stew, and Dark Chocolate Mini Cakes.


The Lost Teachings of Jesus

By: Alonzo L. Gaskill

The wife and mother are invaluable gifts from God, the most beautiful ornaments of existence, and from them all the inhabitants of the world are born. Alonzo Gaskill presents an extra-biblical text discovered in the late 1800s by a Russian explorer, which expounds on Christ's teachings about the divine role of women in the gospel and family. This book will help you gain a deeper understanding and respect for women and their sacred place in God's plan.


Your Endowment

By: Marke A. Shields

As members of the Church, we often anticipate entering the Lord's temple, but there are times when temple worship can seem confusing, repetitive, or even boring. In this remarkable volume, Mark Shields casts new light on the symbolism inherent in temple ordinances and provides a wealth of insights that will change the way you worship.