Get Early Access On These Books on Cedar Fort Unlimited

 Get Early Access On These Books on Cedar Fort Unlimited


One of the perks of having the Cedar Fort Unlimited App is the ability to read our newly released titles before anyone else!


Discovering Your Temple Insights

by: Aaron M. Bujnowski, Julie P. Bujnowski

Discover a deeper and more meaningful experience in the temple with "The Temple Workbook." Authors Aaron and Julie Bujnowski offer personal anecdotes and fundamental gospel doctrine to guide Latter-day Saints in attending the temple both physically and spiritually, providing writing space to record thoughts and question prompts to inspire deeper thinking on sacred topics. With this reverent workbook, gain greater insights from your Savior in His house and apply broader temple insights to your specific circumstances, revitalizing your temple experience and recognizing the divine patterns and symbolism of temple principles.


Enduring a Crisis of Faith

by: Rico Maranto

Rico Maranto shares his inspiring journey through a crisis of faith in his book "Rebirth: A Faith Crisis Memoir." He reframes doubt and alleviates the shame and guilt often felt during faith crises, offering strategies and toolsets to endure them and help others. Discover the five stages of faith as a template for spiritual development, and understand that the dark night of the soul is not reason to despair, but a divinely designed spiritual chrysalis intended to transform us into the best version of ourselves.


Missouri: Guide for Travel and Study

by: Casey Paul Griffiths, Mary Jane Woodger

Experience the rich history of the Restoration with "Follow Me: Walk in the Savior's Footsteps." This immersive guide, written by leading Church historians Casey Griffiths and Mary Jane Woodger, provides background knowledge, significance, and devotionals for each of the significant locations of the Restoration, allowing readers to understand the early Saints' vision for the city of Zion, explore the past, present, and future of the Savior's Church in the chosen land of Missouri, and immerse themselves in the spiritual history of the Restoration like never before.


Our Divine Identity

by: Joshua Savage

In "Our Divine Identity," author Joshua Savage highlights the importance of our identity as children of God and offers tools to navigate the challenges of the modern world with clarity and reason. With the nine tools of knowing, readers can learn how to prioritize their divine identity, identify the many facets of their identity, and have the patience and faith to keep moving forward even with limited knowledge, unlocking their eternal potential as a child of God.


Turning to God in the Mess of Our Live

by: Michelle Cox

Author Michelle Cox challenges the belief that we must achieve perfection and shows readers how to embrace life's difficulties and find hope and connection with God. In "The Weight of the Badge," readers will learn to battle negative thoughts, accept imperfection, and find freedom, peace, and joy in life's messiness.


You Are Receiving Revelation: Now Act On It

by: Loren G. Dalton

Learn how to recognize and act on the promptings of the Holy Spirit with "You Are Receiving Revelation" by Loren Dalton. Drawing from his own experiences and principles from modern prophets, Dalton provides practical tools to distinguish the Holy Spirit's voice from others and offers guidance on how to act on even the smallest spiritual promptings.