Modern-day Mission Prep


Whether you're the one preparing to go on a mission or you have a child who is preparing to go on a mission, we have you covered! By joining our FREE Missionary Preparation Course, you will get 6 weeks worth of preparation material and lessons from two fantastic authors who have used their missions to help shape them into the successful individuals they are today. 


Click Here: Course for Prospective Missionaries

This course is for prospective missionaries. It is 100% free and will give you 6 weeks worth of lessons and tasks that will help you be more prepared for the mission field. 


Click Here: Follow Along Course for Parents

Missionaries are only as strong as their parents sometimes and it can be scary to see your children go out into the big world and preach the gospel! What can you do to prepare yourself and your child to be the best missionary they can be before and during their mission? This FREE course will give you an understanding of what to expect and how to help your future missionary.