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Author Valerie Loveless and President of Cedar Fort, Bryce Mortimer go behind the scenes with authors and personalities, bringing you in-depth Latter-day Saint conversations on relevant topics and conversations. It's available on iTunes, Tune In, Google Podcasts, and more. 

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George Potter, has traveled the world in search of Book of Mormon locations! He has some very compelling evidence and ideas to share with us on where the Jaredites came from and possible locations they landed in the Americas. This is one you don't want to miss if you love archaeology and the Book of Mormon. He has totally new ideas I'll bet you haven't heard before.



Julie Cluff experienced horrible loss when her two youngest kids died in a car accident, and she was the driver. She now helps other find their way out of the darkness of grief and hopelessness.  

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 Calie Schmidt is pushing the YA fiction boundaries with a Rapunzel retelling with the main character as a male. 


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Trent Stephens, professor of anatomy and embryology, with degrees in microbiology and zoology, has a score to settle between science and religion and he confronts the many ways our paradigms can lead us to the wrong conclusions. 



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The Aaronic priesthood is so much more than a baby step to the Melchizedek. It is for more than just the deacons passing the sacrament each week. Nathan Nelson explains what else it encompasses and how we can all utilize it, men and women alike, in our lives.


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Talent Acquisitions Manager Angela Johnson joins the podcast to talk about her new book, The Earl of Arundel. We go deep into topics like how to name your characters and how audiobooks are made. This is a great episode for anyone who dreams of publishing one day.


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Preparing for a mission? These two RM's have the mission field down to a science! They've written the book on how to start off on the right foot and shorten the learning curve on missionary work.


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Are there laws of this creation that even God has to follow? If that is true, what does this mean for our prayers being answered, how does this change faith? Scott Frazer has the answers to all of these questions and more. If you feel a bit slighted by the Father, perhaps you might want to give this episode a listen.


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It can be difficult to understand why things happen the way they do, where is God in the little details of our lives and the big pitfalls? How can we better understand the difference between our path and the path that has been set for us?


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Reg Christensen lost a lot more than his wife in his divorce, finding himself jobless and battling all the usual proceedings of a divorce, Reg found hope and healing despite the challenges.


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Shannon Symonds has been helping families and individuals through the trials and heartaches of Domestic violence for years. She took this experience and wrote 2 novels about it, Safe House and Finding Hope. Shannon offers advice for those who are watching loved ones experience the pain of domestic violence and her books while entertaining, are also great insight into the secret lives of those who are abused at home.


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Author and teacher Sierra Wilson teaches me how to keep those kids occupied and taught while we are going through this difficult social isolation. She's got great tips on staying sane and resources to use.

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I wanted to share this sample from the audiobook Visions of Heaven today. With all the craziness going on in the world, thanks to covid19, I thought we could all use this message of hope and love by Jane Moe. You can also hear more of janes behind the scenes story in the Behind the Veil episode. You can hear the whole audiobook on Itunes and Audible.

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Blogger, YouTuber, and Podcaster Crystal Escobar and I discuss the difficulties of trying to be an all-in-it-mom without losing yourself. Even someone as beautiful, talented and driven as Crystal has found that it's not easy and sometimes you can do it all, but not always all at once! 

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There are no Temple ordinances specifically talked about in the Book of Mormon but Valiant Jones has discovered that the entire book is a guidebook for the covenants we make in the temple. He believes that Joseph Smith was prepared to receive the covenants for the temple by translating the Book of Mormon.  Find out more about how to find the temple in the Book of Mormon! 

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Dennis Schleicher is back! It's been 4 years since he joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He updates me on how the saints are treating him, how he feels about gay conversion therapy and he gives me some insight into what it was like to be on Sally Jesse Raphael and Larry King Live when he was just 17 years old!

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What do Romance, Polygamy, History and British Game Shows have in common? My new favorite author, Catherine McGreevy, or as her friends call her, Cathy. We became bosom buddies, (as Anne of Green Gables) would put it, when we discovered we both love Taskmaster the British Tv show and Valerie is a perfect name for a satirical romance novelist. At one point we go off on an educational tangent about polygamy and Victorian period England poor-houses.

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Rebekah Pitts returns to share more facts! This time we talk about Temples. Did you know the Nauvoo Temple was sold to another church after it suffered a fire and then it was torn down by a tornado? Plus, there's a secret in the base of the Salt Lake City Angel Moroni! What about that golden toaster?

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Aryeh Green talks about the difficulty his divorce caused and so in an attempt at self healing, he hiked the 700+ mile Israel trail alone that goes the longest distance of the country from the South to the North, he learned some important lessons along the way, lost some weight and some baggage.

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Kelly Thompson knows addiction. From the age of 7 she had food cravings and moved on to street drugs by the age of 13. Once her drug dealer abducted her and beat her for 24 hours she had had enough and turned to the lord for rescue. Now Kelly is clean and working towards rebuilding her life. She's a testament to redemption and change.

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Richard Bernard, Author of Digital Scripture Study for the Busy Latter-day Saint teaches me a new way to study and catalogue my study and journaling for the easiest referencing and talk writing I have ever heard of! His book promises you can study in just 7 minutes a day!

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Learn new ways to set scripture study goals and new resources and materials with Marilyn Faulkner, author of the User-Friendly Scripture series.

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Dr Rich Tenney shares his secrets to getting fit for life. No more on the wagon off the wagon. He takes a spiritual approach to taking care of your body and your mind! The title is a play on words, you see getting fit once and for all and getting fit so you can be your best self, thereby being a source of good in the world. You can't take care of others if you don't take care of yourself.

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Author Angela Larkin has lost over 50 lbs! She had to change a lot of things and challenge a lot of her feelings of security and comfort.

David Ridges discusses the many signs surrounding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and how we can prepare for the many things that are to come to pass. He clears up some myths and teaches me some new insights.

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Each of my guests has been through the wringer. Jeff lost his wife and one of his sons in a car accident that left him fighting for his life, also. Emily's daughter fought aggressive cancer for almost 2 years, it was a choice of deadly chemo or deadly cancer. Bryan's lost his 4-year-old to cancer and aggressive chemo treatments. Somehow all three have come out of these situations with more perspective, more faith and more hope than one would expect. We don't dwell on their heart-wrenching stories but how they got through them and how we can help others get through their struggles and pain that we can't even imagine going through.

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Joined by Lee Nelson, Jane Moe and Russel Ricks who each have unique ties to near-death experiences.

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With new books coming out every month, there is always something good coming out of Cedar Fort Publishing! Hear what's new and noteworthy, plus a preview of each of our children's books so you can make an investment in their lives.

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Have you ever contemplated ending your own life? Maybe you know someone close to you that has tried to end theirs, or died by suicide? November 23rd is International Survivor of Suicide Loss Day. Wendy Parmley at the age of only 12, suffered the loss of her own mother by suicide. The loss sent ripples through the family that has lasted their entire lives. Wendy has turned that pain into strength as she helps others cope with loss and is an advocate for mental health awareness. 

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On this special two-part episode, I speak with Bob Freeman, Author of the Saints at War series. Saints at War is a compilation of LDS stories during wartimes. Bob shares some of his favorite stories with us as well as how this series has come to pass.

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Part two of our special Veterans Day episode with author of Saints at War Robert C Freeman. 

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Sarah Hadsel is a fun, hands-on kindergarten teacher. She has a knack for rhyming a passion for bedclothes and is a bit obsessed with pirates. (Aren't we all?) Her new children's book, Pirates love Pajamas is a great bedtime book for your little's. She tells me all about in on the Podcast!

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International speaker and motherhood and fatherhood advocate Shelly Locke, Author of Celebrating Motherhood with the Prophets and Celebrating Fatherhood with the Prophets along with Artist Anne Marie Oborne sat down with me and talked about all of the wonderful they do. 

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Bryce visits with an old friend, David Ridges. David is the author of the Made Easier series, such as the Book of Mormon Made Easier and Doctrine and Covenants Made Easier.

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Julie is a Regency period romance writer and we discuss her newest book the Secret of Haversham House, how it all came to be and why writing by the seat of your pants is the way to go.

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Valerie and Becky discuss how her life has changed since her son came out of the closet late one night and told her he was LGTBQ.

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