Why Your Book Needs A Book Outline Right Now

At the beginning stages of writing your non-fiction book, having an outline for your book is crucial for two main reasons. The first is that this will keep you organized with the narrative of your book. Knowing which chapters come where will help readers follow along with the main point of your book. 

The second reason is that when submitting a book proposal to a publisher, most require you to attach your outline. So what does a simple book outline look like?


The easiest to understand outlines have the following:

1) Overall Summary: An overall summary from beginning to end on what your book is about. Don't hid anything in the summary. Showcase all the ideas that you want to convey throughout the book. This helps you AND publishers know what the overall purpose of your book is. 


2) Chapter Outline: Write down your chapters and place them in the correct order that they will be read. Underneath each chapter, write down the various topics and points that you want to discuss either in paragraphs or bullet points. 


3) Add the Hooks: Throughout the entire outline, make sure you leave hooks that will entice those that read your outline (including you) to want more. For example, at the end of each chapter outline, place a hook that will lead into the following chapter. For example. Imagine someone was writing a book about water and you had no idea what water was:


Chapter 1: Why is water important?
- Water covers the majority of the Earth.
- Plans and animals need water.
Hook: but do humans need water?


Once the reader gets to the end of chapter 1, the hook should prompt the reader to want to start to read immediately chapter 2.


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