The Types Of Non-Fiction Books Publishers Are Looking for in 2022

The Types Of Non-Fiction Books Publishers Are Looking for in 2022


The definition of Non-Fiction is "prose writing that is based on facts, real events, and real people, such as biography or history." 

More nonfiction books are published and sold around the world than fiction, which means that there is high demand from publishers acquiring new non-fiction manuscripts. Here are some of the different types of Non-Fiction books that publishers are looking for in 2022:


1) Religion and Spirituality

Books about religion can come in all forms, whether it be looking at religion through various historical events, or breaking down religious doctrines and practices and discussing how to apply them in your own life. While these may be niche subject matters, depending on the belief system you choose to write, keep in mind that there is a built-in-audience ready to partake in the subject you present. 


2) History

Not to be confused by a textbook that gives bullet point details in order for someone to learn what is on a test, historical non-fiction provides readers with rich and deep knowledge of certain events in time. Whether it be discussing the social and political contexts of moments in history while showcasing the various emotions and motivations that drove these events to happen, or relying on one primary source to give the point of view of particular event, these types of books not only sell well, but are valuable for society. 


3) Business and Economics

While this is a broad category, this type of non-fiction is growing. Why? Because knowledge has never been more open to the public, and people want to know how they can grow and build their wealth, network, and skillset. If you are an accomplished person who can showcase to an audience of people how they can grow and improve their life through steps that you have taken, then the market is begging for your book this year.


4) Cookbooks

Cookbooks continue to not only be popular every year, but also grow in  audience size. With more and more people concerned about their health and diet, while wanting to eat more at home rather than take-out, the market for a good cookbook is growing. Not only will it have amazing recipes, but a great cookbook will also contain beautiful photos that illustrate the need to get in your kitchen and start cooking. If you specialize in a specific style or culture of cooking, then you are more likely to sell your book versus a generic one that covers multiple genres.


5) Politics and Social Sciences

If you haven't noticed it yet, everyone these days is a political expert on social media. . With the rise of so much political tumult across the world, people are dying to understand what they can do to better educate themselves on these subjects. It's best to decide whether your book will be like an academic paper filled with deep research, or one that is used to commentate on the sociological and political dynamic of a country, people, or group.


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