The Reason You Should Write Your Rough Draft As Fast As Possible

The Reason You Should Write Your Rough Draft As Fast As Possible


Anyone who has ever written the book can tell you that writing the first draft is the hardest. It's super time-consuming, and you ask yourself the whole time, "how am I going to get what is in my head in this manuscript?"


Our advice? Write your rough draft as fast as possible


Schedule out a time in your week where every day you are going to sit down and write. Once you start writing, make the decision to NOT stop writing. When we say don't stop writing, we literally mean DON'T stop writing. 


We know that all the information and everything is stored in your head and that you're struggling to write it all out in a comprehensive way that will manifest into a beautiful manuscript. But that is too time-consuming. All of that refinement can be done in later drafts, so make the most of your time now in the first draft stage. 


When you begin to write your first draft, let everything just flow as fast as possible. If you have a story, anecdote, or example that you want to share but can't think of exactly how to tie into what you're writing OR how to tell it in it's entirety, just make a note in your manuscript. For example:


Let's say you're writing a story about the Book of Genesis in the Bible and want to discuss the story of Adam and Eve but do NOT fully know it's story in its entirety. Instead of ruining the flow of your writing to pause and do some research on the internet or other sources, just write: Tell the Story of Adam and Eveand move on. 


Now you know that in your SECOND draft you need to take the time to actually get the story right and do the research. What most writers don't understand is that the first draft takes the longest and because of how time-consuming it is, many would-be-authors just give up and never finish. By writing in this flow state in your rough draft, you'll have more motivation to keep coming back and refining your book until it is finally time to publish it. 


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