The Four Questions You Should Answer Before Writing Your Book

Do You Understand The Medium You're Writing and Its Purpose?


Before you spend hours at your desk writing your future best-seller, you first need to understand how to write in the medium you're choosing and understand its purpose. 

First and foremost, writing is a form of communication between the author and the reader. Whether that communication is convey a story, message, idea, or feeling, at its core, you need to understand that the moment someone begins reading your book, you are having a conversation with them. So how do you make this communication as clear as possible between both parties? Start by answering these questions:


- Why are you writing this book?

- Who are you writing this book for?

- What is the purpose of this book?

- When the reader is finished reading this book, what should they want to do afterwards?


By knowing the answers to these questions, you will be able to keep your narrative focused on its intended audience.