Best-Selling Authors Understand This ONE Key Principle

Best-Selling Authors Understand This ONE Key Principle


What is the difference between a good book and a best-selling book? One thing: The author determined the key purpose of their book before they started writing, at this what pushes the narrative of that book from the first page to the last. Non-fiction books NEED to understand the key purpose of their book, otherwise the content throughout will flounder. 


When readers pick up a non-fiction book, the expect that that book will help them in something, whether that is learning a new piece of knowledge, or growing. a skillset they are interested in. The reader's goal is to achieve something with your book. By determining what the key purpose of your book is, you can get better help your target audience achieve their goal when they buy your book. 


One easy way for you to figure out the key purpose of your book is to have your book answer one big question. By having one big question be the focus of your book, your reader will immediately understand that by reading your book from beginning to end, they will have the answer to the question they had. By focusing on one big question as well, it gets readers interested, as the question ought to be something that they want the answer to.


Another reason to identify the key purpose of your book is so that you can identify who your target audience is. It's important to sit down and decide who your ideal reader is. This is an important exercise in understanding where your book will fit into the nonfiction market. Maybe list out some questions that you can answer like:


- What is their age? 

- What are they interested?

- What are they going through in life that makes my book necessary for them?

- Where are they in their life? Are they married? Single? In College? Retired?

- What are their life goals?


Understanding your potential readers will help you refine the key message of your book so that it can help them. 


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