Why I Left The Mormon Church and Came Back

Haleigh Everts story is one that many can relate to. In fact it's one that I truly can relate to. One of living a double life at times, and one of frustration feeling like God isn't watching over us.



When the majority of the population that you live in aren't members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), you at times live two lives. In her book Why I Left the Mormon Church and Came Back, Haleigh says:


“My Mormon friends are completely separate from my school friends, and I dress, listen to other music, and act different depending on which group I’m hanging out with.”


This created conflict between herself internally, and was one of the factors that led to her leaving the church. The biggest push however to make this decision came in the year 2014 where Haleigh felt, like many LDS young single adults do, like God had "given up on them."


“2014 was supposed to be my year, but it didn’t turn out that way. The year started off great—turning twenty-one, regaining my temple recommend after years of not going to the temple, having the best time with my girlfriends and in school—but then it just went bad. My dating life sucked, but then again it never really was good in the first place. I started questioning God’s presence in my life due to the unfulfilled promises and seemingly constant disappointments.”


I wonder how many young adults struggle with this because of these types of feelings. With so much pressure to get married, keep the commandments, and be upstanding citizen; sometimes it can be too much and we feel like we are never enough. We see everyone around is getting married and living their life the way "we are suppose to" and yet for some reason the pieces are not falling in place in our own life. These feelings can really affect some members, making them feel alienated in the faith and feeling like God has left them hopeless, and ultimately feeling like the only way to live their life is outside of the church. 


If you are feeling like this, know that you are not alone. Know that Heavenly Father does have a plan for you, and that His time is not our time. Know that He loves you. Know that you have friends and family that love you and a faith that wants to keep you as strong as ever. If you ever want to start doubting anything, like President Uchtdorf said in General Conference: "Doubt your doubts."


To learn more about Haleigh Everts story, you can check out her book Why I Left the Mormon Church and Came Back currently available at cedarfort.com.