What President Russell M. Nelson Wanted Us To Learn In Every Talk He Gave Last October General Conference

What President Russell M. Nelson Wanted Us To Learn In Every Talk He Gave Last October General Conference


April 2021 General Conference is right around the corner. Are you excited? To get ready for this amazing time of the year, we have compiled the messages that President Russell M. Nelson gave last year from all of his talks. This will be great preparation for the coming lessons we will be learning this coming General Conference. 


1) Moving Forward

"I pray that we as a people are using this unique time (COVD-19) to grow spiritually. We are here on earth to be tested, to see if we will choose to follow Jesus Christ, to repent regularly, to learn, and to progress. Our spirits long to progress. And we do that best by staying firmly on the covenant path."


2) Embrace the Future With Faith

"Admittedly, the Lord has spoken of our day in sobering terms. He warned that in our day “men’s hearts [would fail] them”and that even the very elect would be at risk of being deceived. He told the Prophet Joseph Smith that “peace [would] be taken from the earth” and calamities would befall mankind.

Yet the Lord has also provided a vision of how remarkable this dispensation is. He inspired the Prophet Joseph Smith to declare that “the work of … these last days, is one of vast magnitude. … Its glories are past description, and its grandeur unsurpassable.”

Now, grandeur may not be the word you would choose to describe these past few months! How are we to deal with both the somber prophecies and the glorious pronouncements about our day? The Lord told us how with simple, but stunning, reassurance: “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.”"


Three Principles to Learn:

  • Create Places of Security
  • Prepare Your Mind to Be Faithful to God
  • Never Stop Preparing


3) Let God Prevail

"Now, how does the Lord feel about people who will let God prevail? Nephi summed it up well: “[The Lord] loveth those who will have him to be their God. Behold, he loved our fathers, and he covenanted with them, yea, even Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and he remember[s] the covenants which he [has] made.”

And what is the Lord willing to do for Israel? The Lord has pledged that He will “fight [our] battles, and [our] children’s battles, and our children’s children’s [battles] … to the third and fourth generation”!

As you study your scriptures during the next six months, I encourage you to make a list of all that the Lord has promised He will do for covenant Israel. I think you will be astounded! Ponder these promises. Talk about them with your family and friends. Then live and watch for these promises to be fulfilled in your own life."


4) A New Normal

"Despite the world’s commotion, the Lord would have us look forward to the future “with joyful anticipation.” Let us not spin our wheels in the memories of yesterday. The gathering of Israel moves forward. The Lord Jesus Christ directs the affairs of His Church, and it will achieve its divine objectives.

The challenge for you and me is to make certain that each of us will achieve his or her divine potential. Today we often hear about “a new normal.” If you really want to embrace a new normal, I invite you to turn your heart, mind, and soul increasingly to our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Let that be your new normal."


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