Using Christ's Teachings To Move Forward from the U.S. Election

President Russell M. Nelson's challenge to #givethanks on social media has not only given a lot of people's social media feeds a positive spin, but also given people opportunities to be humbled by the many experiences of others and empathic of those that live different life experiences than themselves. As we continue this trend, I start to see less and less of posts about those angry with the U.S. Election on both sides of the argument. This is a great thing. The reason why is this:


The only way that we can move forward as a country and to ultimately be the people our Heavenly Father wants us to be, is to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ. We can do this by loving one another and using the beattitudes! The Beatitudes give us the formula for coming unto Christ. We can use them as a foundation as we seek for a Christ-centered life.


The beattitude I want to specifically focus on is found in Matthew 5:9 which says:


“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” (Matt. 5:9.)


In talk given by Elder O. Leslie Stone given in the 1974 General Conference, he said:


Peacemakers are those who try to save themselves and their fellows from strife. Our Heavenly Father delights in peace, and all who seek to bring about peace shall be like God in that respect and shall be called the children of God.

Was not Christ the great peacemaker? He encouraged men to love and understand each other so that they could live together in peace.

The Lord has commanded us to love all men, including our enemies. He expects us to be peacemakers. He asks us to work out a reconciliation in a Christlike manner with those with whom we have difficulties or misunderstandings. It is his will that we should tolerate abuse rather than retaliate in a spirit of anger. It is better to turn the other cheek, to go the extra mile, to give our coat and our cloak also, than to offend.


As we gather with our families for the holidays, or commune with others socially or through digital means, let's continue to follow the Savior's example to be peacemakers, meek, and humble. As we do this, we will be able to unlock the blessings that are in store for us. 



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