Transgenders and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The topic of transgenders and mormonism has been one of heavy discourse. Last October 2019 conference had the apostle Dallin H. Oaks discussed this topic and was given much praise and much scrutiny. 

He went on to say the “long-standing doctrinal statements” in The Family: A Proclamation to the World, offered 24 years “ago will not change … [but] may be clarified as directed by inspiration.” 

“The intended meaning of ‘gender’ in the family proclamation and as used in church statements and publications since that time is,” Oaks said, “biological sex at birth.’”


This statement caused much discussion on the place of transgenders in the Mormon Community. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on February 19th, 2020 launched a portion of their website to the discussion of transgenderism in the church.



In this portion of the site you will be directed to two options on learning about the Church's stance on Transgenderism.


The first is a section called UNDERSTANDING which lists a lot of questions that one might have about Transgenderism and Church and the stances that the church holds int his discussion on gender and identity. 

Some of these questions include:

- Does God Love Me

- How does the Church define gender?

- If I have already transitioned, am I welcome at church?

- What is the Church's positing on transitioning?


The second section is dedicated to members and others on how to SUPPORT those who are transgender. Some questions that are presented with great answers and resources are:

- How do I respect differences?

- What can I do to show Christlike love?

- What should I say or do?


To some, this website is a GREAT resource. To others however, it is not. With the introduction of a new handbook that can be consistently revised as new revelation is given, it will be exciting to see how much more progress the Church makes in the Restoration of the Lord's Church, and it will be exciting to see what more the Lord has in store for us!