The Importance of Knowing Who You Are in Heavenly Father's Eyes | Come Follow Me: Moses 1; Abraham 3

The Importance of Knowing Who You Are in Heavenly Father's Eyes | Come Follow Me: Moses 1; Abraham 3


A couple years ago, back when he was alive, one of my favorite teachers, Boyd K. Packer, talked about the plan of salvation and he said, “Hey, it's like a three-act play. Maybe some of you haven't seen a three-act play so imagine a movie trilogy like Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings or whatever you want. President Packer said “One of the difficulties is that we find ourselves in the middle of Act Two. Imagine you're in the middle of the second movie and you don't know what happened in the first movie. You don't know who the good guys and who the bad guys are, or who you are supposed to be cheering on or supporting.” 

The reason why Moses 1, and Abraham 3 are so vital is because they put that knowledge back into our heads. They help us understand that you, yes YOU, are a son or daughter of God and that you have this immense inheritance. You're the child of the ruler of the universe, and the universe is an innumerable collection of worlds more than a person in your state can even comprehend. 



With this knowledge, not only do you know that you're special, but that you have a Savior that God designated specifically to you. You have a greater intelligence to help you through your life down here on Earth. As important as it is to know that there's people on your side, and that there are people that are cheering for you, and rooting for you, and wanting you to make it to the end, and keep your second estate, it's also important to know that there are people that would have you give up your second estate. There are those who would have you fall just like they have and lose all the things that are important to you. 

Like Moses and Abraham, when we read these passages, we are empowered to know exactly what Satan is when he approaches us and tries to tempt us to worship him. Just like Moses, we should be able to say, “Where's your glory that I should worship you?” Just like Moses, we should be able to have the kind of experiences where we can say, “I know what God is, I know that he's spoken to me, I know who I am, and I know who Jesus Christ is.”


This was taken from the Cedar Fort Come Follow Me podcast: