Single Men Can Now Serve As Counselors in Stake Presidencies, Bishoprics, and as High Councilors

Single Men Can Now Serve As Counselors in Stake Presidencies, Bishoprics, and as High Councilors

“Marital status has nothing to do with one’s capacity to serve and bless the lives of others. The Lord honors those who wait upon him in patience and faith. We can do better at providing opportunities for our single members to serve.” - President M. Russell Ballard

In General Conference, it was said that single adult men and women encompass the majority of the Church member than married couples. Because of this, an announcement was made on April 1st, giving single adults the opportunity to hold more callings than was previously available to them.

Elder Gerrit Gong said:

"Also, the majority of adult church members are now unmarried, widowed, or divorced. This is a significant change. It includes more than half our Relief Society sisters, and more than half our adult priesthood brothers."

Among these callings are:

  • Counselors to the stake president
  • Counselors in the bishopric
  • High Council members
  • Sunday School Presidents and counselors
  • Stake Relief Society Presidents and counselors

“In recent months, our minds have been drawn with particular focus to Latter-day Saints who are single adults,” Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said in a news release. “We want you to know that you are loved — and so very needed in building the kingdom of God. For this reason, we felt to search carefully for policies and misperceptions that might limit the church service of single members. What we found was that church policy already allows for broad service by single adults — and it could be even broader. We feel today’s policy adjustments can make a big difference. We hope your leaders know to put you to work—including as counselors in bishoprics, on high councils and as organization presidents and counselors.”

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